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MED: "Old" Fan vs. "New" Game..?

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  • MED: "Old" Fan vs. "New" Game..?

    Hello everybody!! This is my first-ever review, so please bear with me!
    I have been a fan of ND games for about 11 years, and this game surprised me.
    First of all the music. Oh, the music!! WOW. This is the first game in a loooong time that I have even really noticed what the music sounded like. I was completely swept off my feet.
    There are lots of things I liked about this game, though. I plunged into it expecting a lot of "pressure" and extremely difficult puzzles , due to the setting (not a fan of hard puzzles, here lol) but I found that I LOVE these puzzles and instead of feeling pressured, I felt that the whole game had more of a relaxed feel. This may have been due to the fact that I was not overwhelmed by an alarmingly large amount of tasks at once.
    There were a few "whaaaaaat?!" moments that left me confused on my first play through, but I have to say that they were almost all explained when I replayed. Did I mention that I actually wanted to replay it immediately?? It has been SUCH a long time since I wanted to replay a "newer" game.
    So overall I must say that this "old" fan was completely won over by this "new" game. It felt fresh and different - in a good way and I enjoyed it very much. It must have made quite an impression, because it's the first game to ever move me to write a review! Lol.
    Thanks for reading!!! Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did!!!