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  • So disappointed....

    I cannot tell you in the English language how excited I get whenever a new Nancy Drew game comes out.. I'm telling you, I have played EVERY game.. some multiple times and with relish.

    I can tell you with utter disappointment that this was probably the WORST game I've played... Even worse than the early ones with slow dialogue that you can't skip forward and wonky graphics... Those were at least exciting - with storyline, interesting characters, and actual detective work involved.

    The plot to "The Shattered Medallion" did not even seem "mystery" like, in my opinion. I was confused most of the time what the "jist" was, and was waiting for something exciting to happen the entire game. It didn't.

    None of the characters caught my interest. Sonny was ridiculous and completely irrelevant (and not in a hilarious "Rentaro" way) Patrick was funny at times but a complete doorknob, and the rest of the characters were completely elusive with no background story or chance to "dig" into... Even Bess wasn't... Bess-like. Maybe that was part of the "plot line", but I think it was a ploy to conceal the boring and thin story involved. Any detective work involved was in the form of notes being dropped by characters.. Boring.

    It's nice to play the newer games with its new features and graphics, but I really wish Her Interactive would stick to the tried and true formula of what makes a good Nancy Drew mystery. I feel like the past 5 games (even though with better graphics) have been letdowns in comparison to the first 25 mysteries...

    I finished this game in several hours with hardly any help.... The most boring, easy, non-scary game with absolutely no memorable games and an uninteresting plot, storyline, and character base...

    Honestly. I love Nancy Drew games, but I can't believe I paid for this. I might just have to stick to playing my favorites in memorial, because I fear that there won't be any more "good ones". I don't think I'll be purchasing any more games without reading others' reviews from now on, because this game had very little content in comparison to its predecessors.
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    Originally posted by starletatheart View Post
    I really wish Her Interactive would stick to the tried and true formula of what makes a good Nancy Drew mystery.

    I completely agree with your review!