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My Review of MED!! Strangely Unique

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  • My Review of MED!! Strangely Unique

    Hi and welcome to my review of the Shattered Medallion!! I may in a bit of a minority here judging by other reviews that I have read, but I actually really liked this game a lot. Although, there were a few things that I would have preferred be different. So let's jump right in!

    Plot: In this game the plot line is simple. Nancy and George have been selected as contestants for Pacific Run, a Survivor type reality show based out of New Zealand with Bess going along for companionship. I thought that game show aspect was unique and added an air of fun to the atmosphere with a side mystery kind of tossed in. I liked the mix of the two however I do wish that the focus had been slightly more on the mystery and not as much on tasks for the show. Still great fun though!! 8/10

    Setting: This game is set in New Zealand which I enjoyed. However, unfortunately we don't get to learn that much about the history of he area which I always enjoy when games take place in different country. What we see is well done there just isn't that much of it. 7/10

    Characters: We have a wide abundance of characters this game. 6 to be exact. I love the games with more characters. Some of the characters in this game really seem to dislike Nancy though or are dull to interact with. We don't get to spend as much time with George as I would have liked but we get to talk to Bess alot. Although, she is quite spastic in this game. Sometimes if I got in a bad mood I wouldn't talk to her because I knew she would annoy me lol. Still it was great fun. We finally get to meet the one and only Sonny Joon and I loved talking with him. He was everything I thought he would be. 7/10

    Puzzles: There were a lot of puzzles in this game. Don't get discouraged though! Most of them aren't that difficult and we have seen a good number of them (or something similar) in previous games. While I might have liked more original puzzles I wasn't too put off by repeated puzzles because I felt that many of them worked in better with the storyline better than the games they were originally featured in. 9/10

    Graphics: I felt that the graphics were amazing. I loved the scenery. I could look at it for hours. I also felt that the character animation was spot on. Not just their appearances but their movements as well. I won't go into specifics of the scenerio but there is one conversation with Bess where she is excited and jumping up and down and her eyes were wide with excitement. It really showed off her emotion and it was perfectly in sync. That's just one example. 10/10

    Snooping: There are a couple of very brief moments of snooping. There were far more tasks than snooping which ordinarily would bother me but with the way this game was laid out I felt that it really worked. 9/10

    Scare Factor: There wasn't a huge scare factor in this game. There are a few moments that will make you jump. I found that mainly in second chances though. 6/10

    Overall: 7/10

    I enjoyed this game and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys drama and reality television and a variety of puzzles. I wouldn't recommend if you dislike drama or would prefer a more serious game. This was all about lighthearted fun!
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