I have played every single ND game (except #2 and it's not available anymore) and was hooked on the very first one. I always keep up with the release date for the next game and was so excited to find out there would be a game in New Zealand! A place I've always wanted to visit! Perhaps I had too high hopes for this game, but honestly, how could I not? HER has been pretty responsive to fans and has given us multiple things we have asked for in games past. So I thought they would again take our advice and improve things even more. Boy, was I wrong.

PROS: I loved Sonny Joon. Thank you, HER, for putting him and his belief in aliens in the game. Loved that. He was very quirky. The comics and grandfather stuff also good. Most of the games/puzzles were good, though some were recycled. One, though, was so complex, even on Junior level, that there was no way I could figure them out without a cheat. I don't mind working hard, but come on. Don't make them easy. Make them possible. I loved Bess and George, even though I was upset George played such a small role. I wish she were more active in the game. The multiple locations were nice, and pretty. More places to walk around and explore would have been good. The sub was fun.

CONS: Confusing. I can't explain this very well, but the way the game unfolded was so confusing. Sometimes, even with a task list, I wasn't sure what to do next or where things were that I needed.

Just in case these are disallowed spoilers, the next section is hidden.
The sheep sheering thing was ridiculous--it told you to sharpen the blades, but they didn't need to be sharpened--just found and then used. And then it was so easy. Could you not have put a game into shearing the sheep? The mine was better, but the actual panning for gold was too easy. The 2 things (at different times) falling and Nancy having to step back from them was lame. Sheesh, at least give her other options of getting away or let her figure it out, not just give her a back arrow. And please, we go to all that trouble for the relic and all it does is shine some lights into the sky? Are you serious? Could we not have heard some kind of alien speech or something? It was very anticlimactic and not scary at all. Nowhere was it scary.

I kind of enjoyed the game, but needed too much help finishing and then was disappointed at how anticlimactic it was. And disjointed. I haven't read any of the other reviews yet, but I'm guessing from their titles I'm not the only one who wasn't crazy about the game. It's too bad.