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  • MED: Like Patrick's crackers!

    Pains me to say this but with MED, I got a game instead of a mystery, like getting crackers instead of an interesting conversation. There's nothing here but a collection of games in one big game show.

    That's not what we part with thirty bucks for.

    Two of us here, played every ND game. Nancy's been a favorite in our family since Grandma was in grade school. Some ingenious plots in the old books...

    No plot here in MED.

    Being player 2 this time around, I sat across the room with an ear to the proceedings and every so often I'd ask, "So, what's the mystery?" Don't know yet...

    Then I got to play. There is no mystery. The girl detective isn't solving a mystery at all.

    As for the characters, they all look alike except for Bess' upstaging little teeth that I couldn't stop staring at.
    Sonny's weird smile on the cover was also a letdown. What is he even doing on a game cover? Grandma got to see pictures of Nancy all the time and here we are after 30 games, Nancy's still doing her Invisible Man routine.

    The earlier games had characters with character, not a guy who gives out crackers. And then George in a cast all the while. You couldn't send her home and bring in Hotchkiss?

    Well, there you go. Thirty dollar box of crackers.

    I'll now talk you folks off the ledge. We forgive you but next time do these things:
    1. Pick a mystery from an old ND story line. Let her sleuth!
    2. Show Nancy, if only just in passing a mirror, or a portrait on the wall.
    3. Bonus editions for pre-order ought to have, well, something of a bonus.
    4. Keep Nancy's delightful, distinctive voice and KM's music which gets better and better.

    Will I buy the next game? You bet! For what? For the mystery, not the puzzles, and for Nancy, not for Sonny (or Ned, Bess, George or Hardy Boys either!)
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