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  • Wait, ummm, what???

    This game was... well, it's now 3rd to last in my ranking of Nancy Drew games. Why, you ask? Because what was the point of this game?? What mystery was there to solve? None. Exactly zero. And this game largely revolved around a storyline that had no explanation. One minute you are competing on Pacific Run, and the next you are inexplicably chasing/scavenging items for Sonny Joon. The conclusion was a complete dud as well. Typically, there is an adrenaline rush when you catch the villain and have to escape. Was there a villain, you ask? Nope. Not really. It was incredibly bizarre. The "villain" also had zero explanation for being the "villain". It was completely out of the blue.

    Further, the final puzzle was the strangest thing I have ever encountered in my life. The instructions did not explain how to complete it, and even after I had to find the spoilers, I couldn't figure out how they got the answers they did. I tried to reverse-engineer the puzzle, and still nothing. And I'm a grown up. How is an 8 year old going to figure that one out? They're not. Just strange. Just a strange, bizarre, and misguided game.

    Other things of note:
    Nancy NOT ONCE calls Sonny Joon out on his past messes. She even writes in her diary "why is that name so familiar?" Gee, Nancy, how many Sonny Joons do you think are out there?! I would have liked to have seen her mention their shared past just once.
    Also, Sonny Joon should have been eating Koko Kringle bars the whole time. I didn't see a single Koko Kringle in the entire game.
    Some of the humor was nice. Sonny is a particularly cool character. I think I would have preferred if he had stayed a mythical figure though. Best not to crush anyone's ideas of him.

    Overall, this game is on par with Kapu Cave. And we all know what those reviews look like.
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    I agree with many of your points. I'm an adult, too, and had lots of the same ideas/impressions you did.

    If I had to guess, the 3rd of your least favorites is probably Scarlet Hand. It and Kapu are the worst for me. I think Secrets Can Kill would have to be 3rd to last just because it's so old and doesn't look good. But I can see why you've put MED near the bottom of your list. It's very sad.

    Thanks for the honest review. I hate giving bad reviews, but I gave one as well, and I think we have an obligation to so that HER can know where to improve. Evidently they don't know these things without us. And sometimes even with us.
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      I agree with you on everything except for the last puzzle, we're talking the very last, right? I saw several people complain that they didn't understand it, but I solved it by myself and I'm not that great at all at solving puzzles. It does take a while to finish, but you have all the clues you need in your inventory.

      That being said, you're absolutely right, and it's sad that these games look more and more like HOGs: no mystery, no sleuthing, just puzzle after puzzle after puzzle, down to .. word search, seriously


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        To be honest...

        I have to be honest starting out I really liked the game and thought it was going pretty good, but as things progressed it was challenge after challenge and eventually that just abruptly stopped and you were helping Soony . . . and then the 'villain' I was confused as to how this person had any anger toward me. . . I mean I know there was one confrontation, but I had no idea I had even done anything wrong. I just was confused on that and then Patrick . . . just the entire time with him I was like, wat?
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