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Teams Eliminated: Fun, Plot, and Logic! ~A Brutally Honest Review~

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  • Teams Eliminated: Fun, Plot, and Logic! ~A Brutally Honest Review~

    MED is the absolute worst game in the series so far. I'm shocked at how truly despicable this game really is. The trailer was totally misleading, as well as the cover! There was no sense of danger at all... Why is HER relying more on character gimmicks and locations?! The whole premise of this game is ridiculous also considering it revolves around Sonny Joon. I did NOT like how Sonny Joon was handled at all. I personally wished that he would've just stayed in obscurity. The game was suuuuuuucccccchhhh a bore! It was just one pointless task after another with no excitement at all! In addition, HER needs to fix the problem of missing critical dialogue. This has been a problem since TMB. We, as the audience, can miss all sorts of motives, and crucial info if we don't for example call a person we should have before the end. I, like many others, was soooo confused by the culprit's motive at the end. In fact, I didn't feel like there was really any mystery at all for there to be "a culprit"! It was just one tedious stage after another, and while the puzzles were interesting, they were still lacking. I think another reason I hated it so much was because you expect drama in reality tv in general. Sabotage is a part of every reality tv show, so it just wasn't that original. Also, only two teams?! Really? I felt so isolated! HER bit off a lot more than they could chew with this concept and they executed it so poorly. The worst part, is that I feel like even if they re-made this game in it's entirety (still around a reality tv show) it would just be bad. The premise partially brutally murdered the game along with many other bad choices.

    The ONLY good things in this game were:
    A- The Graphics!
    Beautiful! Great Job!
    B- Character Dialogue!
    I LOVED all of the character's personalities! They were so quirky and funny and I loved talking to everyone. I also adored the character confessionals. I was laughing so hard on one of them... Best part of the game!

    I give this game a 3/10. The only reason it isn't a 2/10 was because the character dialogue was so awesome.

    Overall, I'm very disappointed in you HER. This game is awful, you aren't listening to the fans, and everyone is getting very dissatisfied. It seems like everything is about the money now... The merchandise store, the note "from Sonny" in the boxed edition pushing sales... PLEASE HER! I'm begging you! PLEASE listen to the fans! We don't want locations and character gimmicks! We want a plot with an actual mystery! A disappearance, a string of thefts, etc! We want stakeouts, plot twists, and games that take more than a day to solve! We want you to think about the plot first instead of the location that will give you the most money!

    Please HER, don't mess up the next game as well... Hire a famous mystery novelist if you have to, but you need to make sure that the next game actually has a plot. I understand that you are a business out to make money, but at this rate, you won't have many true fans left.

    I wish you good luck. You're going to need it.
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    Harsh but agree specifically on these points:
    -they need a new writer who's actually good (the last writer was a tv screenwriter for years before joining the team) and preferably female (hey it can only help)
    -it seems like it's all about the money lately
    -at this rate they won't have many fans left

    I disagree about the dialogue, though--I thought it was awkward and unnatural; the writer tried too hard to be clever with the result that nothing the characters said made sense and I never felt like we were getting to know anyone. There were too many ambitious and half-baked character backstories/sidestories (Bess with her crisis, Patrick with his swimming) that had nothing to do with the actual (non-existent) mystery and took time away from it. There were a lot of dialogue options but few pertained to the actual mystery. Also I agree with someone else I saw who said the character personalities seemed like they were created straight out of a character building 101 fact sheet ("let's make Patrick dumb and his flaw is that he's scared of swimming"). Things we were supposed to glean from the dialogue didn't make sense because it wasn't emphasized correctly and was never direct. I felt like the writer was cracking jokes with himself; most of the jokes didn't make sense me. The dialogue tried so hard to "show, not tell" and to be indirect that the characters might as well just have said nothing at all.

    Sorry to rant on your review, haha, I just wanted to get my opinion of the characters out there, lol.