Hey guys! So this is my first review ever. I just have strong feelings on this game and want to share them with you guys!

Graphics: Defintaly the BEST part of the game. They were great. The characters moved relisticly and it all looked so real. So for that i give graphics a 10/10

Characters: So I liked the characters but I feel we didn't get to talk to them very much or learn very much about them. I like learning about the characters past and talking to them a lot.

Patrick Dowsett- a not-so-smart guy on team Kea. I liked talking to him, it was pretty entertaining. Again, I wish we could've talked to him more.

Leena Patel- the super smart other member of team Kea. I loved her. She was defintaly my favorite character in this game. I just liked talking to someone smart like her and even though she was a little rude at times, I didn't mine. I mean it's a compition, you've got to be a little rude!

Kiri Nind- a girl who just wanted to be on tv for the exposure. I feel like her character could've had a lot of potential. Maybe if we got to interact with her more....

George Fayne- who? Oh you mean the person we had about one conversation with.....oh yeah....

Bess Marvin- I love Bess anyways, but this made me love her just a little more. With her crush on one of the characters, it made me laugh.

And last but not least Sonny Joon- coming into this game I had high expectations for him. I LOVE the way helooks with the blue hair. I wish Nancy would've acknowledged that she knew him from somewhere. I am honestly kinda dissapointed about him.

SO just because we couldn't talk to them a lot, I give the characters a 7/10

Plot: This plot had a lot of potential. I mean you're on a reality tv show?! What could be more exciting then that?! But I feel like the show and the mystery weren't connected at all. I kinda dissapointed me. Also, I wish the game was more competitive. I mean, the characters were always standing in the same place. It was like they never actually played! I wish that the challenges were more intense then they were.
I'm going to give the plot a 7/10

Culprit: Wow big shocker. The culpret's motive was rediculas (sp?). Blahh is all I can say. 5/10

Ending: One of the worst endings. There was no confrintations with the culprit. It was so anti-climatic and the whole time I'm just like "okay when is something big going to actually happen?" Plus unlike most of the games, you didn't have to run after the culprit and there wasn't a way to get a second chance or anything. I wish it was a little more intense. 3/10

Overall: So my grades were based on a comparision to all other games. Of course I still liked the game, but compared to other games it was not the best. I'm not saying that you shouldn't play this game, because it is still good. I'm just saying that there has been better games. Overall I gave this game a 64/100