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  • Very Disappointed

    Before I get to the negative stuff about this game, I do want to say that the graphics were great, but that was about it.

    I give this game a 2 out of 10. I have been so excited to get this game for months. I got it, and it took me 3 days to finish, 3 hours a day, because it was so easy, not to mention boring. I like to take up to a month to play these games to get my moneys worth, but this time I didn't get my moneys worth. I love Nancy Drew games and have played every one. Every game has there own unique story with different puzzles. I finished this game and I do not know what the story was even about. It felt like the people who made it just rushed through this one. It seemed that you got no where with the characters, and I could not figure them out. They were just there, including Sonny Joon. You were pretty much on your own the whole time doing puzzles, EASY PUZZLES! I was on MASTER too! I was especially excited about Sonny Joon, and I don't even know what happened to him. Also, this game was just too easy. I thought that since this was game #30, it was going to be the biggest one yet. But it was very disappointing and boring and next time I purchase a ND game, I am going to read reviews first. It makes me sick I spent $20 on this game. I still love ND games though and will continue to play them forever, but this one was crummy. This is definatly my least favorite one.

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    I agree with you on all points. I did not buy the game after seeing all these reviews, and I spared myself the feelings of disappointment and decided to watch arglefumph's video walkthrough. I got EXTREMELY bored after awhile, was left confused for most plot points, and the puzzles were not that exciting. And arglefumph is very entertaining but I did not like the game at all. Hopefully HeR realizes the thing they think we want is actually the opposite. Let's go back to the games where there's a real plot point, go back to basing them on actual books, and give us some hope!!
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