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  • Bess Marvin Review

    Well, I didn't like Bess all that well in this one game. Very disappointed in that part. She acted dumb and didn't know which in was up. Sort of like, "duh, why am I here"? I don't know. Even in the other games she was helpful, to Nancy. The attitudes towards each other were sort of off.

    Does anyone else feel that way or is it my imagination and that I'm not use to the twist in this game?

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    Yes, she acted very odd. Every character in the game were practically useless. Even Nancy... she was very different from the previous games. She lost her sassy, inquisitive, smart personality that we all love!! What went wrong
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      I was a little disappointed in the way they handled Bess and George. This was supposed to be George's game with her taking the lead on competing in her favorite show. Instead they made it all about Bess. Every time George is in a game they sort of shove her aside and don't really let her participate and it's really annoying.

      And frankly, what was the point of having Bess or George in this game? Neither helped you solve the mystery. They both just sat around and complained. I mean, if that's the extent that the characters are going to participate, just leave them as phone characters.