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Nancy Drew Forays into Reality TV and Gets It Right!

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  • Nancy Drew Forays into Reality TV and Gets It Right!

    I love PC adventure games. I've played many - all the classics, and I hold Nancy Drew games right up there with the best. Although ND content is thought to be more "PG" than some other games - overall I find them to be quite mature and as long as HER keeps making them, I will continue looking forward to playing them.

    Everyone has different tastes. My favorite genre of books, TV, movies, PC Games is suspense, mystery, horror - and so it should come as no surprise that my favorite Nancy Drew games are CUR, TRT, MHM, CRY, SAW, ICE, VEN. The last game, SPY was a masterpiece - dramatic and brought me to tears.

    It is no secret that after playing 30 games, HER has created a catalog of games that are of varying styles, and which cover a wide range of topics that as a whole will appeal to many different types of people. Some of the games are quite historical and the Nancy Drew games tend to take us to a cozy and unfamiliar place.

    Not this time. This time we are set squarely in ridiculous modern day America. All that is missing is Nancy and her friends actually Facebooking or Tweeting in the game. lol. I'm sure its coming soon! Anyway, that said - surprisingly, this is a fine and entertaining game!

    I truly enjoyed the game (I don't have time for TV, but I saw the first few seasons of Survivor & American Idol years ago (this game definitely is borrowing from Survivor) and I have seen a some of the Kardashians (shudder!) and as I don't live under a rock, I am aware of reality TV though I certainly don't make any effort to watch it.

    So folks, that's what we have here. A game for those for whom Reality TV is a guilty pleasure or even an actual pleasure or simply a topic to make fun of. The game certainly is exploiting that type of television in all its complete ludicrousness and does it very well. The characters are entertaining and colorful; the in game puzzles are what you are used to as a ND game player, the interface and graphics are what you are used to and frankly, the exploration and scenery quotient is quite nice and enjoyable. There are several locations to unlock and what I loved most about this in-your-face-modern-game is that it borrows ideas from Nancy Drew games of old and keeps the ND nostalgia and coziness alive for its players. Oh, indeed, you will be reminded of Danger on Deception Island. There is also a solution to the mystery of a name that popped its way into many previous ND games.

    The overall story is not deep, but that wasn't the purpose of this game, like we had previously with SPY. This was lighthearted fare - and while not an enticing storyline for me - I really liked it. It was, simply put, fun.

    This wasn't a 5-Star blockbuster game, but it is worth playing for sure. Its just the weakness of the story that keeps it at 3.5 - 4-Stars. I will probably play it again. I still rank WAY above the few ND games I truly disliked and those were DAN, RAN and DED. In my book this game ranks somewhere in the middle of the 30 games. If you are not the type that enjoys ghosties and horror stories, AND you like reality TV (and even a certain X-Files type theme - I did love that show) - you may rank this game as one of your all-time favorites.

    Buy it, play it and enjoy it. Its definitely worth it.
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    Good review! I agree, it was a fun game and had a nice lighthearted tone that's different from some of the recent games.
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