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    Okay for starters lets just get the 'plot' or lack there of down. It kind of reminded me of Survivor. I was trying to think of what book that came from but oh well. Anyways it's beyond the worst plot ever. I thought maybe it would be fun. The idea of competing plus a myster to boot which tragically was not the case. EVERY stage had a puzzle. It was basically a game with puzzles upon puzzles. It makes me wonder if HER really listens because I don't know a whole lot of people that would be okay with this game. Even Puzzle lovers. It was wayyy too much that and hardly any mystery which I really didn't get.

    The main things I did like:
    - Sonny Joon. He was everything and more and by far my favorite character. But basically the whole game was focused on him so it was interesting in that aspect.

    - The graphics were beautiful.

    - The music was fun and felt like it fit the place we were at.

    Basically the plot didn't make sense. The mystery didn't really make sense and the culprit...well that I expected and I have never really expected the culprit so not a good sign. I am very disappointed in this game. Hopefully the next one will be more interesting.

    -- Andie
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