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  • Disapointment review of MED

    So, this is one of the very rare reviews I have done for a Herinteractive game, mostly because I enjoyed most all of the other games but this one I really needed to speak out.

    I was very excited when coming to find out we would finally be meeting Sonny Joon, I really liked the atmosphere of this game and how we were able to explore so many places and learn a bit of the New Zealand culture.
    However, I am disappointed with the whole plot of this game, I feel as if promoting the cover art of the box was more important along with "finally meeting Sonny Joon!" than actually putting more time and plot into the game.

    When I started the game and figured out how to get around I felt completely rushed! I was constantly getting messages about a new task or stage that was opened up or closed if someone finished first and I felt like I could not get around to talk to the characters or "solve" the mystery because I felt like a time clock through the whole game and could not enjoy it fully. I feel that the next stage to the competitions should have been spread out more and start whenever Nancy would get to that position or the game would stop where we were at (such as in Secret of Shadow Ranch for example when the game would turn over for the next day) and then do that task for the moment actually competing against the other competitors and then go back to solving.

    The characters were a bit rude and not entertaining except for one but I am not sure if he was purposely playing dumb at points, the conversations were a bit bizarre.
    Sonny Joon was very entertaining and we get to find out where his name came from! But I agree with another players review, it bothered me that Nancy never once asked about his past where we had found traces of him or any KOKO Kringle bars in the game either. I asked myself what was even the point of meeting Sonny Joon if we can't link him to past games and find out about his past.

    Now my very disappointment of the game, the plot was too chaotic. I could not figure out what we were solving and there really wasn't even a mystery solved at all. This actually was the first Nancy Drew game where you pretty much are running around doing what Nancy intended to do, be on a game show/vacation. So many questions were asked but none of them were answered. I could have easily written a better plot as I was playing the game, especially the "bad guy at the end". That did not make sense either, the ending felt like it was just thrown together since all the other games had a bad guy, it honestly would have been OK if there wasn't a bad guy at all, just more likely find out why Sonny Joon had Nancy running around and what was really going on with the TV show.

    I do miss the old Nancy Drew games but I do give props to Herinteractive making the games more up to date and almost life like to the geography of the games and characters, I just wish they planned more about the plots and twists instead of promoting so much of the game box art and that another game is coming. I noticed that the next game will be so promoted around the social media and then once it is launched it's like it didn't exist and on to the next game with-in a week. I will continue to play the Nancy Drew games but if they continue to be weakening in quality I will most likely stick to the older games.