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  • Extremely Disappointed! :(

    We are two sisters who are huge fans of the Nancy Drew games and have played them all together for over 10 years (wow.. we're old. lol).

    While we have played a few games that we didn't think were as strong as the rest, we have still consistently liked every game HeR Interactive has produced, with the exception of The Shattered Medallion.

    Firstly, this game has NO exposition to set the story up. I guess it's probably because of the lack of a central mystery. We would really have appreciated some back story as to why we flew all the way to NZ other than "George has always wanted to be on the game show." In addition to lack of plot back story, we felt most of the characters, save Sonny Joon, had no character development.

    We both felt very confused the whole game. It seemed as though all we did was accomplish game show tasks that really did nothing for the almost non-existent mystery. We kept playing and hoping that the situation with Sonny Joon would develop and be explained, but we just got vague snippets of information and no conclusion at the end for our efforts. It was a really disappointing moment when we heard "Love, Nancy" and realized we would get no explanation for the small pieces of information we did receive.

    We also felt that the trailer for this game was very unrepresentative of the game and seemed to give more back story than the game itself did. Bess and George, while we've enjoyed them greatly in other games, could have been traded out for almost anyone, their roles were so small. We wish HeR would have allowed us to switch out to play as Bess and George for awhile so we could feel like they made real contributions to the game.

    The few pros of this game are the great graphics (although we would have appreciated more water movement) and the fantastic sound track. It was really fun to finally meet Sonny Joon in the flesh, however, we feel his story had no conclusion to make meeting him feel worthwhile. The game seemed to have been based around meeting Sonny Joon, but then made no other plot/mystery developments. Very odd.

    We are very sad that HeR wasted their 30th game release on this terribly written and sad story. We can't even call it a mystery it was so lackluster.

    We are very loyal Nancy Drew fans and hate to be so negative, but we were truly disappointed in this game. We are hoping HeR will improve their story writing for Labyrinth of Lies. We are excited to see a game set in Greece!