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  • MED Just a Shrug of the Shoulders?

    I’ve been playing Nancy Drew games since, wow, probably when I was ten or so. I’ve been playing them for 8 or 9 years now and I’ve loved most of the games (except for RAN . . . that one just wasn’t good) and some of the games people seemed to dislike. Like TMB, I loved that one it is in my top 3. Don’t think poorly of me for thinking that we all have our opinions and this review is mine. I encourage feedback and thoughts if you take your time and read my review, but I will try and make this simple and no so long like my intro here.


    When it was revealed that Nancy and George was going to be on a TV show Pacific Run (much like the Amazing Race in the US) I couldn’t wait! Accidents and sabotage left and right all the while trying to figure out mysterious Soony Joon, what else could you ask for? The story is new and exciting and Nancy has never had a TV show experience before. It was a very interesting that they decided to do this especially because, now that I think about it, may cause Nancy some trouble in upcoming mysteries if she plans to go under cover due to the fact that her face as been on TV now. Anyway! The plot was good, but in game at times it did start to get a little hazy especially toward the end.

    Story in game:

    I know plot and story is pretty much the same thing, but I had to talk about how it went as a whole. Plot of course sounds wonderful and gets you excited what actually happens in game I felt was a different story. Yes, the game started out great and normal and we were on TV, but that didn’t seem so important after a bit. A lot of the beginning you know something fishy is going on, but you have to go forward with the competition because that’s the only thing you can do objectively. However, it seemed like as the story progressed I didn’t care nor want to compete in Pacific Run Soony became more pronate and you became consumed with wanting to do what he needed from you. Then toward the end you went back and forth from game to Soony tasks that I didn't care for it all that much. Then as far as accidents go there were only a couple, one of which I felt was just kind of random.


    People this game I felt was a bit lacking. Sure George was cool, but you couldn’t talk to her a whole lot at all every time I tired to talk to her she was asleep. Then Bess wow she was all over the place in this game, she had a lot of insecurities being there, but she was constantly back and forth between feeling useless and being utterly in love with Soony for no reason at all, she didn’t even know why! Then there was Leena she obviously didn’t like you that much, but she did help you at times. The two of you become more . . . not open really, but ok with each other and chatting. Kiri wasn’t there a whole lot and you had moments of talking with her and she was such an up and down sort of character and I sometimes even forgot about her. Then there was Patrick . . . oh my . . . he was interesting . . . extremely odd and half the time not making much sense at all . . . I just didn’t like talking to him at all . . .


    It was really cool seeing him for the first time ever. He wasn’t exactly what I imagined him to be maybe because I didn’t know what to expect. He was really funky, maybe a bit more than I expected. He was very odd too not always giving you a straight answer or sometimes not making much sense at all. He was extremely mysterious and made every thing seem intentional or like he knew every little thing like it was no big deal if you mentioned it. He pretty much shrugged everything off too. He was a man of words, but sometimes not very many words.

    There were a lot of puzzles in this game amongst other things. What I didn’t really like all that much was the fact there were little simple things like a word search or a find the differences game of all things. Then there were some things that I just couldn’t get at all like the last puzzle I just couldn’t get it. I would think I understood it and them bam! I’m completely lost I was even lost looking for help that I actually had to resort to looking at the strategy guide (I know it stinks to have to use that). Then there were other puzzles that I really enjoyed doing and were really fun to play that helped in the competition of Pacific Rim.


    There were quite a few places to explore, but not as many as someone would expect during such a game. Some of the places you were back and forth in and then once you were done that place was out of sight out of mind, but the game sure did know how to keep you running around which I did like because I feel like I always had somewhere that I needed to be.


    I say this in every review I do, these graphics get better and better! I wish Soony’s character was a bit closer to the sketch HeR kept showing, but he still looked great with his funky hair color especially.


    They actually tried to keep the phone pretty active in this game. The phone was used to talk to Bess and George, sometimes you do need to call them rather than talk to them in person because sometimes you do get more out of them that way. Then there was also the text message feature that kept you up to date with the competition. Other than that you didn’t use it all too much other than when you heard it going off.


    The ending wasn’t my favorite. It had its moments that were good, but moments that were lacking. The ‘villian’ didn’t make all that much sense to me, I actually thought there may not have even been a villain for a second as the end came nearer which is why I was confused at the villain that confronted me because I didn’t know why they were so against me. I did not feel urgency during the end either with trying to elude the villain. Overall, the ending to me wasn’t that great and confused the heck out of me.

    I did like the game overall I found it fun and entertaining, but like I mentioned there were times where I was actually confused, mainly at the end. I also felt like I was kind of all over the place like I had two missions in one that I had to keep on top of because it was game show, soony, game show, soony. I will play the game again maybe with a friend to see if my view changes on the matter, but these were just some of my thoughts for the 30th installment of the ND series! I can't wait to see what the 31st game has install for us all! Fingers crossed its a good one!!

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