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Disappointed for the first time!

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  • Disappointed for the first time!

    I've been playing ND games for at least 10 years and I'm just so disappointed with this game that I had to post a review. First, the game didn't even explain what the mystery was. The beginning letter from Bess just stated that we were going on a game show. The beginning was also extremely rushed which caused me to try to rush through everything else because I thought I was being timed. The characters were not developed and had nothing to do with the story except for Sonny Joon which wasn't very developed either. The entire game I was trying to figure what the mystery was and what I was solving. It was just so confusing! The ending was horrible. The very last star wheel puzzle was extremely difficult. I had to find the solution online and even after I did, I was trying to work backwards to see how it was solved and I still couldn't figure it out. The game offered no directions on most of the puzzles which was also confusing. The villain had nothing to do with the story! She didn't explain why she was so mad at Nancy. I just assumed it was because Nancy won but it still wasn't stated in the game. The game ended so abruptly that I was left asking myself the question "What just happened?!" I will continue to purchase your games because I hope that this one was just a fluke but I really wish I didn't end up buying it. A waste of money since I won't be playing it again.