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My First Review! Too bad it ain't pretty.

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  • My First Review! Too bad it ain't pretty.

    Hello, good friends! I'm Regal, and welcome to my review of The Shattered Medallion.

    Sonny. We finally get to see Sonny Joon and I personally think he was the only likeable character in the game. I especially love his hair.

    The graphics were nice and colourful and really made the setting pop.

    This is a true adventure. There's so many things to do. You can explore, play minigames, or even just sit there staring at the fantastic visuals.

    The soundtrack was annoying. There was only one track I particularly enjoyed.

    All of the characters (with the exception of Sonny) are dull and boring.

    There was really very little mystery in this game at all. It was more of a Myst-esque action-adventure game than a Nancy Drew game.

    The puzzle at the end was way too hard and was completely unfair. It was just thrown in there and brought the game to a screeching halt.

    Overall, this game was okay. The graphics are beautiful, but the characters and especially the ridiculous puzzle at the end really turn me off to this game.

    2 out of 5 cans of spam
    Not perfect, but competent.

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    That's a very fair review. Very similar to how I first thought.


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      Btw, I love your cans of spam rating!