This is so fun and awesome. What I love the most about this game is that we finally get to meet Sonny Joon at last! I love that this game has Sonny Joon in it.

Sonny is best described as a thirteen year old inside the body of a grown man with a weird obsession for aliens. The characters in this game are a bit of a hit and miss, but Sonny is the best character in the game hands down. The most boring character in the game is Patrick because he didn't contribute much to the story. However, Leena had a lot of spunk and I liked her. Kiri is a reality show lifer and she's an interesting character to get to know.

This game is more of an adventure game than a mystery game. All the puzzles were great. The lack of mystery doesn't bother me very much but it does take away a little something from the game. I liked how we got to see George again after not seeing her or hearing from her for several games. I thought it was strange that Nancy didn't spend much time investigating who cut the bridge that hurt George. It was funny how Bess was feeling awkward and that her powers were useless.

Unfortunately, there are several things wrong with the ending of the game. The first thing that left me confused was the culprit's motive and their feelings of being betrayed. The second thing that left me confused was the artifact and what exactly it does. The game really failed in explaining these things at the end of the game.

I really enjoyed meeting Sonny Joon and I hope we will hear from him or at least about him in a future game. All in all this game is great and fun to play but fails greatly in explaining the culprit's motive and what exactly the artifact was, so we could understand it.

So I give The Shattered Medallion a 6 out of 10.