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  • Shattered Medallion Game Review

    I have played Nancy Drew games for a very long time, at least ten or fifteen years, and have greatly enjoyed them. However, this is one of my least favorite games, for many reasons.

    I will say that there were elements that I did like. It wasn't all bad. I did enjoy most of the mini-games and puzzles that you have to solve during the game. For example, placing the alien spaceships and figuring out where they needed to go. That was a good game. My favorite one that actually really made you think, was the game to charge the retractable claw. It was a challenge to me, as I am not always super visual like that, but I enjoyed that it was challenging! Not everything in this game was. I also appreciated the location of the game. I do think they could have done more to include the wildlife and more features of New Zealand.

    As for the rest of the game, I felt like there were so many things wrong with it! Firstly, the characters were really just annoying to me, and really didn't have any depth or backstory. I mean, look at Patrick. He was just someone there, not really serving much purpose other than to annoy me. And Bess? When in the world did she become such a ditzy person? Yes, she has always been portrayed as boy crazy in past games, but now she was just an air head that also served no purpose except to distract a couple of characters. This is not the Bess that I grew up reading about! Second, the whole business about aliens. What is up with that? It is just something that is out of left field! It was just too weird for me to find enjoyable. At least in the other games, Nancy had to solve a case where someone actually committed a crime and she had to figure out who did it. Granted, she had to solve who cut the rope bridge, but that was it. The ending was very anti-climactic because of it. In this game there was no crime. She was just chasing after Sonny's clues to help him find out more about his "alien" past. It was just weird. Was the whole alien thing something that bothered anybody else? I enjoyed it so little that I just kept getting the hints just so I could get done with the game. I could keep going on, but these were my two main complaints about the game.

    As a whole, I think that herinteractive is really going away from the original vision of the games. They are becoming much more complicated, and because of that, are much less believable and enjoyable to play. I have been an avid fan for so long, but after this game, I have stopped purchasing the new games, simply because the last few games have been such a disappointment. Hopefully at some point, they will go back to the original format of their games, and I will certainly come back and buy their new games.

    Thanks for taking time to read my review!