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Worst ND game ever.

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  • Worst ND game ever.

    (I apologize about this, but this is more of a rant than a review. I originally had a longer, more in-depth review all typed out but before I finished it Safari crashed or something and when I came back nothing was there. I might write an actual long review for this game and other games in the Summer, but I kind of feel like I have to express my opinion on this game now because I was very dissapointed in it.) I absolutely despised this game. The plot was all over the place, had NO MYSTERY, and the characters were all so bland and annoying (including Sonny). I can't stand the whole ridiculous Annunaki plotline (and I really hope that HER never uses it again). If this was a different series than I would be more open to the alien idea, but these games are supposed to be mystery adventures. I also personally think that the concept of aliens building the pyramids and other things is just stupid. Also, why were we on a reality show in the first place? That's nothing that Nancy would ever do, and I felt absolutely no sense of competition whatsoever.

    In conclusion, I pretty much hate this game, and I would not recommend it at all unless if you are a complete Sonny Joon fanatic. I'm sorry if you liked it, but this is just my honest opinion of it, and I'm sorry if I seemed a bit harsh.