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officially stuck! following the clues in the comics

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  • officially stuck! following the clues in the comics

    Hey all!! I need help! I am near the end of the game I think and I can't figure out to follow the clues in the comics. specifically the gold comic piece. also where do you go to see the symbols so you can do the puzzle in the cave (the one with the fire).

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    The goldmine comic piece:
    The person in the comic seems to be the one identified in an earlier page as "an athlete strong with speed and ambition."
    Who could that be?
    Kiri maybe?

    And the last two pages seem to show the gold mine in Cromwell, check that place out!
    Go into the right mine shaft, take the left fork, and look through the peephole.

    After following up on what you discover, you should be able to ask the same person for something that would help you with the symbols in the cave.

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