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What did you think of this game? (NO spoilers please)

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    a 5 for me

    Like always I play ND with the grandkids, so our hopes where high.

    As far as we could here it looks like a great story,
    but when there is no more sound after a while, and you need to restarting the PC 3 times the fun is gone.
    We closed the game.

    So because of the sound failing I give the game a 5.


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      I personally LOVED this game. I thought it was a lot better than the last three games, which I didn't really care for. I gave this game a ten because I especially loved Nancy's flashbacks. I thought they were so cool. The puzzles were great too. The only downside would be that the plot is a little confusing, but there's lots of things to do in this game so I loved it.

      And another big plus? Her put in the joke about Nancy's mom jeans and horse shirt which was amazing! They are listening to us!
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        I gave it an 8

        I wasn't ready for the reason Nancy went. I will never be ready.
        I loved the characters and the puzzles.
        I did think the plot was a bit complicated.
        Yes an 8 fits but I will say I did love this game.


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          The Silent Spy rules!

          I LOVED this game! This game is the first game in a while that I realy liked. It had great puzzels, characters, music, accentsand an amazing plot. You guys created Alec so well that one one my friends I was playing the game with said he was the love of her Nancy Drew life. We also loved the bow and arrow game. I have played every single Nancy Drew game and this one is third only to Secret of Shadow Ranch and Danger on Deception Island (gotta love the classics). So HER, ten pionts for creating this game like a rock star.


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            I gave it a seven. I liked a lot of aspects of the game, but the plot was a little confusing and I'm not a huge fan of the spy theme, but that part is just me.
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              I very much dislike this game. I rate it a meager 5/10. If anyone cares to know why, here is a link to my review:

              The Silent Spy - • - My Review
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                Interesting game

                I really liked Silent Spy. I gave it a 9 and not a 10 only because of the few small issues I had with it, and the fact that I hate to give a perfect score when no game is perfect. I have played all ND games except #2 and this is one of the top 10 imho (along with Castle Malloy, Shadow Ranch, Water's Edge, White Wolf, Blue Moon Canyon, and Old Clock).

                The graphics, characters, puzzles, locations, music, and story were all good. The story about Kate was great and that Nancy was finding out/remembering about her and how it brought her and Carson together. I know some people didn't think his gruff attitude was appropriate and I see their point. I guess because I'm an adult, I wasn't thinking about young kids that would be playing it.

                There was a good bit of snooping since it was a spy game--I think there could have been even more. I also really liked that you could make money both by finding coins and making cookies. Maybe a third option would have been nice since there were so many things to spend money on.

                I'm still kind of waiting for the dialog to get less cheesy/repetitive. I have forever wanted Nancy to say "bye" in a way that fits how she has just spoken with someone. Also, with Ned to be a bit more emotional/personal. I love his text messages. She should send him some.

                That said, I am super excited that Bess and George will be back next time. I am patiently waiting for Ned to show up in the flesh like they have in the past. And bring back Frank and Joe pretty please!
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                  Whoa! I knew I was going to like this game simply based on the plot, but it totally blew me away. I think it's the best game since TRN at least. It was absolutely fantastic and a joy to play. It did have a few flaws here and there (I knew the culprit pretty much from the moment I met him/her, and I was able to guess the other characters' back stories, and how you find the culprit out was a bit too perfect), but the rest of the game was just so great, I had to award it a 10.

                  There were a lot of great things going on in this game. You were always on your toes and there was just a lot of excitement. The puzzles weren't tedious at all; they were loads of fun. It just had a lot of cool nuances. The entire Colony arc was actually quite clever. On top of that, I think HER handled Nancy/Kate/Carson really well. That could've easily been a disaster, but it was handled perfectly. It was just an all-around fun game.
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                    I LOVED this game!! I loved how many secrets there were and the characters were great! Great job, Her!!
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                      The Silent Spy is ranking up there with some of my classic favorites right now. It may just be that it was new and exciting but I think the characters, the settings and the overall vibe of the game was amazing! I also loved learning about Nancy's mom, that was just icing on the cake. Or is it icing on the cookie? :)

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                        I gave this a 6 for its terrible portrayal of Nancy's mother, the unnecessary harsh language and disturbing humor, and the abundance of rudeness and hostility between characters.

                        Not looking forward to future games if they're going to stray away from being family friendly.


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                          I'm going to write a detailed review at a future date, but for now I rated the game 10. While I understand why some people didn't like the idea of the plot being about Nancy's mom (I didn't either, but I felt like it was handled well), I thought the game overall was very well done. I also can see how the game might seem 'darker', but I think that GTH was certainly a lot darker than this game. I don't like darker games at all, but I feel that this game isn't more so than some of the older ones. Hopefully with ND30 the games will go back to being a bit brighter. But for now I'm happy with this game!

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                            Originally posted by Arum View Post
                            I gave this a 6 for its terrible portrayal of Nancy's mother, the unnecessary harsh language and disturbing humor, and the abundance of rudeness and hostility between characters.

                            Not looking forward to future games if they're going to stray away from being family friendly.
                            Not trying to be rude, but what 'harsh' language was used in this game? And what humour in the was disturbing? And frankly, a game about Nancy and her family is going to have some hostility. I really can't see how HER has strayed from being 'family friendly'. The game was rated E for crying out loud.


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                              I gave this game an overall 8/10. I loved the flashbacks in the game; VERY epic! I also enjoyed shooting the bow and arrows, and making cookies as well. Here's a link to my review:

                              The Silent Spy-A Review

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                                I gave this game an 8. I thought it was a bold move on HeR's part to make a game involving Nancy's mother, and for me, the info that we gained about both Kate and Nancy was the best part. I do have some problems with the mystery (the suspect/culprit plot fizzled out a bit at the end, for instance) but I still thoroughly enjoyed playing this one.

                                I've appreciated the risks HER has taken in the last couple of games and look forward to whatever comes next.
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