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What did you think of this game? (NO spoilers please)

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    Pros and Cons


    -spy-gear :D
    -learning about Kate
    -cool codenames
    -making cookies
    -feeling like Tom Cruise
    -snooping in Zoe's room
    -the truth of Samantha Quick
    -not knowing who to trust


    -wayyyyy too many codes
    -too many files/letters
    -Nancy's too mean (like in Final Scene)
    -didn't feel like I was in Scotland
    -music was boring
    -vague puzzle directions
    -not enough action/tension
    -anti-climactic ending

    While I enjoyed the game at first, I got frustrated with all the codes and files and letters. So I stopped playing for a long time. I almost forced myself to finish the game (I had to use a lot of hints cause everything was so scattered). While it was difficult, I did enjoy the rest of it for the most part. I just REALLY wish there was more suspense. 6/10


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      Kinda sad

      I liked the game but I really hoped it would of had a better ending.. The whole game was a little sad. I knew she (her mother) would not come back alive again. But I would of rather saw a team effert with her and her dad. The game was fun tho........It did not depress you looking for her. Just the meaning behind the game was sad.


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        Great Game!

        I really enjoyed The Silent Spy! The game was a lot of fun, had interesting characters and locations and it was really cool to finally see what Nancy's mom was like! We've never gotten her story or found out much about her so it was really cool to finally hear her speak and find out secrets about her. It was sad, seeing Nancy find out so much about her mom without getting her back, but it's a very fun, interesting game. Definitely going to play it again!


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          Just this moment finished playing the game. This is the second game I have played in the series (first being MED - I seem to be playing in reverse order ) and enjoyed it much more. Loved the puzzles and the plot especially.


          So yeah, thumbs up. Now onto the next (or rather previous) game.
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            Spy review

            Over all I liked this game. Especially the memories. It added a nice touch. You feel more of a connection with Nancy. I felt like I wanted to see a little more resolution at the end however.


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              I loved this game!!! I loved being able to see Nancy's mom and getting to know more about Nancy's history. It wasn't completely accurate though. Because in the books, Nancy's mom died when she was 3. They have Nancy speak as though she were 9. But that's okay. I loved getting to act like a spy. It gave a fun feeling. Overall I give this a 9.
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                I gave it an 8. It was really good! There were a couple parts where I was like, "Ohhhh, I like that!" So, play it! It's good.
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                  Originally posted by BadWolf10 View Post
                  I loved this game!!! I loved being able to see Nancy's mom and getting to know more about Nancy's history. It wasn't completely accurate though. Because in the books, Nancy's mom died when she was 3. They have Nancy speak as though she were 9. But that's okay. I loved getting to act like a spy. It gave a fun feeling. Overall I give this a 9.
                  HeR chose to use the original text where Nancy is 10 when her mother died.
                  It was in later versions of the books, that Nancy was 3.

                  Also, in the games Nancy does occasionally share this information, but she does not state her age.
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                    Love Spy!!!

                    I love love love this game!!!! It is one of my favs!!!! I love the characters!!! I gave it a 10!!


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                      I almost gave this game a 7 because the storyline is a bit confusing, the characters aren't phenomenal (except Bridget & Zoe) and I had a few technical difficulties but I ended up giving it an 8 for the background it gives players on Nancy's life. I almost cried at one part toward the end.


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                        gave 8 cause i need to ruin Revenant
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                          Unfortunately, this was one of the worst ND games I have played. Way too convoluted and confusing and even after 'solving' the mystery, I still didn't understand what I had solved. Nothing was explained throughout the game so there were a lot of 'stuck' moments.
                          Also, the setting didn't feel Scottish at all. For the majority of the game, I completely forgot it was supposed to be taking place in Scotland.

                          It was just a weird, uninteresting game. 2/10.
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                            There's been better than this.

                            I can't exactly say I enjoyed this particular ND game, and that is disappointing to me. ND has always been a sort of secret side hobby of mine. I have read some of the books, watched old ND/HB tv series, watched the newer ND film, and of course played all the ND games. For some reason though, each ND game lately gets less and less "Fun" to me- at least not as fun as they were twenty games ago. During this entire game, all I felt like I was doing was running around talking to this person or that person, or completely an entirely frustrating, boring puzzle... even the same frustrating puzzle twice! Nancy Drew used to immerse you into a vivid, highly detailed environment where you could explore, but generally knew which direction you needed to take, or, if not, a simple phone call to B&G / F&J would get you there. I feel like now the games are set up too much like performing simple, direct tasks which purposely don't take as much time, so that the game is more easily comprehensible or quicker for on the go? Either way, this game didn't much feel like a "mystery" to me, and could have been executed a lot better a different way. I believe the only thing it had going for it, for me anyway, was the occasional story scene of Nancy and her mom.

                            I gave it a 6/10.


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                              But the puzzles were good. I also wish that there was a little more places to go.


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                                What Makes Nancy, Nancy

                                This game is one of my favorites; it hosts all of the factors that makes Nancy, Nancy. She is stubborn but focused on understanding her mother, and a realistic father speaks to her with concern but hesitant support.

                                I forgot how enjoyable SPY was until I played it next to RAN. The puzzles are on the simpler side, but are superior in their creativity and fun. None of the puzzles were frustrating with lack of relevance or confusing directions, and for once I was surprised about who the villain was. Up until the end, I was confident it was another character. I do wish one character was intertwined more into the plot, but his/her lack thereof added mystery to the plot of a spy story (which was probably purposeful). What happens with the organization isn't fully resolved, but with such a complex villain such as terrorists, it is reasonable why there is no full resolution in one game.

                                SPY fully embraced the early Nancy Drew games I know and love with a modern twist!