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Stellar Review for The Silent Spy!

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  • Stellar Review for The Silent Spy!

    This game gets a whopping stars!

    This game definitely rocked my world! The Silent Spy is full of suspense and mind-boggling (but AWESOME) logic puzzles that were incredibly fun to complete! The plot of the story was fluid and fast-paced, but had slow moments where the background of the story really shone through and captured the melancholy feelings Nancy has about her mother's death. I would recommend this to everyone who loves the ND games that are jam-packed with mystery in every corner because this game will keep you guessing! There was only one time where you get teased with information that you never receive, and I wish we could have heard more about the actual accident Nancy's mother was in. But, other than that, this game was great! Also, I should mention that normally I prefer ND games that give Nancy lots of places to go on the map. This game would probably fall in the medium range of map size, but I loved this game a lot more than some of the ND games where Nancy has had more places to go to! This will definitely make my Top 5 list of ND game favourites!
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