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The Silent Spy - Review by felicity18

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  • The Silent Spy - Review by felicity18

    I love this game very much. When I first saw the preview of this game my jaw literally dropped. It was a very shocking moment for me and this game lived up to all of my expectations and more. The characters in this game are out of this world unique and bold.

    Bridget is a very layered character, literally. Time and time again she shocked me about one thing or another. Ewan is an interesting guy. He helps Nancy out with her investigation and I really liked his accent. Moira was an interesting character. I really liked the stories that she told Nancy about her mother and Nancy as a toddler. Alec was an interesting character and I enjoyed getting to know him.

    I love this game very much and it met all of my expectations and more. I love the flashbacks of Nancy's childhood memories of her mom. I really enjoyed the tension between Nancy and her father. I like how when Nancy's father calls her and yells at her for being in Scotland. It was a very interesting moment. I also liked how Ned helped Nancy with her father. My favorite moment was when Ned said that his faith in Nancy was stronger than his fear for her.

    This entire game is really great and there aren't any big issues for me. I really appreciated not only the complexity and dimension in this game but also the fullness of its depth.

    Some people thought Nancy should of been more emotional in this game. I disagree with this argument. I think Nancy was emotional on the inside but she had to keep a level head so she could solve the case. She doesn't let her emotions get in the way of solving the case. She knew that she needed to keep a level head if she had any hope of finding out what was going on.

    However, I can only imagine how Nancy felt when she read the letter from her mom and most especially what she was going through during this entire game. All in all this is a wonderful game and wonderfully made.

    So I give The Silent Spy a 10 out of 10.

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