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A good game, but not the best for younger players

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  • A good game, but not the best for younger players

    The Silent Spy is the newest game that I've played from the series - I'm a little behind - and I did quite enjoy it. The graphics are phenomenal and the storyline is unique and intriguing, especially for those of us who have grown up with Nancy. That said, I feel that E10+ is a bit of a misleading rating. I am not saying that the content is inappropriate for younger players, but it is pretty mature. With a "terrorist" organization that may actually be a humanitarian group, multiple death threats and an FBI-esque group whose motives are questionable, things get really confusing really fast. I'm 21 and recently graduated from college, and even I had a difficult time putting the pieces of the puzzle together - in the end, I still didn't know if Revenant was good or bad and the same went for Cathedral.

    Overall, the puzzles in this game are challenging but doable, but the Jabberwocky code didn't make any sense to me - and it still doesn't. At one point I used the in-game hint system for help with a puzzle. The hint told me that the answer to said puzzle was in the notes from Kate, so I clicked on the item in my inventory titled "Mom's notes" and eventually I gave up and used a spoiler. At the end of the game I found out that the hint was referring to the OTHER notes from Kate which I didn't even know I had. That wasn't very straightforward and it really bothered me. It was great being able to carry books around with me, though!

    I loved Bridget and Zoe. The other characters were fine; none bothered me but none were favorites. I didn't like how Nancy could ask one person the same exact question about 5 times with slightly different wording, and I didn't like the texts from Ned which sometimes referred to something that happened two hours earlier in gameplay. Also, I've travelled internationally and Nancy's phone bill has got to be through the roof... You can't just make calls to the States with no additional charge.

    All in all, I think The Silent Spy is a fairly strong game in the series, but best for players a bit older than 10.

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    I just finished the game myself and I definitely agree. I found the game quite challenging (I too and am in university and in my 20s), and someone 10 years old would definitely have a hard time with the game and would probably not enjoy it. I'm finding that with many of the new games, the content and puzzles are becoming more mature. It's probably due to the fact that most of HER's fans are growing up (I started playing when I was 12), but younger fans that are just discovering Nancy Drew games would definitely need help with this game and many others. Great post!
    xoxo, Lauren


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      I do agree that this game is very confusing. I'm still very confused with stuff and I've played this game so many times! As for wether or not Revenant is 'good' or 'bad', I think bad. Here is why I think so: At the ending, Nancy said something about Zoe going after them. Or at least starting to finger everything out so she can find them. That makes me think they're bad. As for Cathedral, I'd like to think they're good, and it was just Ewan that was the problem and Cathedral had nothing to do with anything. Cause Kate and Moria were part of Cathedral weren't they? I don't think Kate and Moria would be a part of something that's in a since 'bad'.
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