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    I just finished playing SPY for the first time, and it's the only ND game I've ever played that left me confused. The story line was all over the place, I'm still not 100% sure who Revenant is, and the mystery ended on a weird note.

    The characters were very random to me - the only one that really made sense was Moira, an old colleague of Nancy's mom. Her story and her character fit into the game very well, since she was related to the case. The other characters were very random to me and I wasn't exactly sure what their purpose was. Why was Ewan "taking care" of Nancy and helping her out? What was Cathedral, a spy agency? Why was Alec creepily in the train station all the time, and what was Bridget's purpose in being in Scotland? I don't know, to me it was very confusing and all over the place.

    The location was cool, but I would have loved to have seen more of Scotland and learned more heritage and history. For example, in DAN we got to explore the catacombs. When I visited Paris last year, I remembered the catacombs and my mom and I explored them in real life. I thought it was cool learning about real tourist attractions, and I would have loved to learn more about Scotland.

    The plot was utterly confusing. Nancy was sent to Scotland to learn more about her Mother's death, but how did that turn into a mystery? Why was she doing all these tasks for an unknown person, and why was everyone being so obviously weird and mysterious? To me, the storyline had a lot of potential but the plot was very confusing and poorly explained. I however did like the idea of following clues that Nancy's mother had left behind, and the flashbacks to Nancy's childhood were a great addition.

    Overall, I give this game a 2.5/5. The graphics were amazing, the puzzles were challenging, and there were a few "pop-out" shocking moments, but I was unsure of the real mystery at hand. I've been playing ND for about 10 years, and never have I felt more confused after playing a game than I felt after SPY.
    xoxo, Lauren

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    So Nancy's mother Kate died in a case that stopped Revenant (the plot of this game explains that). In this game, the culprit is trying to finish what they started so to speak. The culprit decided in order to "recreate" the scenario that Nancy would need to be the hero, so he enticed her to come along...

    I loved this game because it took the whole game to completely figure this out! But to me it was really clear... :/
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      I think part of the reason Nancy needed to be there, too, is that Kate left behind some cryptic clues regarding the case - some of which were in Nancy's home (the colored Jabberwocky poem). They probably figured Nancy would be best able to discover what her mother had hidden (the "recipe" for the disease) and help them find it.

      Some of the characters and plot points confused me too. I need to replay - the neat thing about this particular game is that every replay I discover something different and learn a little more about what's going on. It's a lot like CUR in that regard, at least to me.

      My FAVORITE part of the game is actually the Revenant plot. It's kind of mature, but it's also really deep and, IMO, spot-on. Essentially (from what I remember - I need to replay!) they intended to release a disease into the city --- one that might kill some people, like the young, old, or sick, but was really just intended to make a lot of people sick and push the public into a panic. Then, they would have their people come into positions of authority, assuring them that they could keep them safe and make the disease go away. Obviously they would be able to, because they created the disease in the first place - they could also make it disappear. But even once the disease stopped making people sick, they would remain in the positions of power they had overtaken (rather, that the public had been too happy to give them) and since they were "heroes" there wouldn't be much resistance -- and now they are able to gain even more control for whatever they intended to do next.

      It's a really neat insight on fear and manipulation; how people are easily controlled when they are afraid and how you could be manipulated at any time without even realizing it. Or, you know, politics.

      I agree it's a confusing game and I didn't really like it when it first came out - I played through, was confused, and put it on my shelf. But about a year ago I did another play through just for fun and the plot really came out to me. I'll have to play again.

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        Scheherazade: For some reason, to me I was still a bit unclear on the whole plot at the very end and I found it a bit abrupt. Maybe I just have to play it again to fully understand!

        Poppy Drew: You make a good point, I feel as though I need to replay the game in order to fully understand everything. I actually loved CUR and was very young when I first played it, but for some reason I found SPY a lot more complex. I'm assuming it may be because their audience is growing older, but even for me I found it hard to follow. Thank you for the explanation though! That definitely helps and makes a lot more sense. I remember there being a mention of a disease at some point in the game but I wasn't sure what it was connected to. I'll definitely have to play it again.
        xoxo, Lauren