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    After hearing mixed reviews regarding SPY I decided to give it a shot.
    To start, the plot is amazing. Basically Nancy is lured to Scotland to figure out what happened to her Mother. This turns into a whole terrorist angle. Which is amazing, rarely do we see a Nancy Drew mystery that can relate to real life issues and this is one of them. Its also so cool because you get to learn about Nancy's mother, which is never talked about, and you get to see a new side of Nancy. There are flashbacks in this mystery which only adds to the story and how cool the plot is. An easy 10/10 in terms of plot/story content.
    The puzzles require a lot of thinking, writing things down, and concentration. I wouldn't describe the puzzles as very difficult but they were complex and really cool. The idea that Nancy's mother made the puzzles was also really cool because there was a familiar face behind each one. The ending was the easiest ending to a Nancy Drew game that I've played. I was a little disappointed because based on the plot, I figure it would be more complex.
    The characters. There were not many people to talk to but that was part of the spy theme. Nancy is on her own looking for information about her mother and she can't trust anyone. Its kinda Nancy finding herself. However, The Nancy - Carson altercations were hilarious and very relatable to a father protecting his child.
    Meeting Alec was so staged it was very obvious he was not who he said he was. The motive of the culprit was also weird and a little lame. The length of this mystery was medium. I found that SAW took me a long time and GTH took very little time, so this was somewhere in-between.
    Overall, the story surrounding this mystery made the whole thing worth it. The added flashbacks were so cool and to add a history behind Kate Drew was a good call. What i enjoyed about the mystery was how everyone went back and forth on wether Revenant was good or bad. It was really cool to see Nancy deliberating and in the end i'm not sure what she decided about them. Which adds mystery to the whole thing. I think to have questions at the end of a mystery like this is warranted. It was a mystery about a terrorist group that nearly brought down Scotland, obviously you were going to be left with questions. But again this only adds to the spy theme.
    If you're looking for a good story this is what you should play.
    you said you were
    afraid to lose me
    and then you
    faced your fears
    and left