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  • Majorly STUCK

    My task list says this:
    -Find out what Zoe locked away with her special phrase
    -Find a way to listen in on Alec's phone call
    -Break Mom's Jabberwocky code
    -Discover what's hidden in the vault in the cabin
    -Track down the passwords for the locked entries in the archives
    -Open the box in Moira's safe

    I know that I need the
    book from Moira
    to open the vault, but Moira is gone everytime i go there

    and I have tried to open Zoe's thing over and over again, even with a spoiler, but it won't open.

    I have
    bugged Zoe and listened in on her call and heard the phrase
    but it still won't work, and yes, i am putting the right answer in. I am majorly stuck and don't know what to do ):

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