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Hints Please, Sheet Music & Letter Box Senior Detective

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  • Hints Please, Sheet Music & Letter Box Senior Detective

    Hello, I am asking for hints only please.

    I have been trying to put the music notes into the box with letters in moira's safe but that's not working, I also tried playing the music on the bagpipe but there are no bass notes on that.

    May I please have a hint to get me moving in the right direction? My task list is just to complete the formula.

    I had a flashback about mom playing the piano but I might not have heard everything she said due to a distraction so maybe a refresher would help?

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    Are you talking about the piano music from Carson?

    This might sound obvious, but the best hint I can give is to very carefully go over every essential measure in the song once more to make sure you've seen all of the notes. I had trouble with this too, and when I went carefully back over the music, it turned out I kept missing the first note in the last measure.

    The music will not need to be played on the bagpipes, but it sounds like you figured that out already.
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      Remember to utilize everything in your inventory. There should be something there to show you the notes. I got stuck on thins one too and my background in piano helped a lot. Pay attention to where the notes are in the music. There's a trick to that last paragraph.

      Post again if you need another hint. Good Luck!