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  • My ICE Review

    Here is my review for The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Enjoy!

    GRAPHICS~ Well, the graphics actually were not very good, but they were ok. The inside stuff was great, but for some strange reason, the outside graphics were bad. RATE:6/10

    SNOOPING~Actually, the snooping was very good, and I thought it was quite fun. RATE:9/10

    CHARACTERS~ I really loved the characters, and they all moved around or interacted with Nancy quite well. RATE:8/10

    STORYLINE~The storyline was ok, not the best, I've seen better, but it was better than other Nancy Drew tales. Sometimes it was hard to catch on to what was happening, and sometimes it was just a little to obvious what was next. RATE:6/10

    SCARINESS~ This was definatly not a scary Nancy Drew. RATE:2/10

    PUZZLES~WOW, is all I can say. The puzzles were GREAT in here, and there were alot of puzzles if I do say so myself. RATE:10/10

    ENDING~The ending was great. I loved it. The excitment in trying to find the culprit was exciting. Perfect job, HER! RATE:9/10

    Tips for the Game:
    -Keep a close watch on the thermometer on your screen. Nancy has passed out on me from the cold.
    -Watch the time. Being late for breakfast, lunch or dinner will usually end up getting in trouble, but doing the meals anyways.
    -When you get the chance to clean the rooms, LOOK AROUND. You may find some interesting stuff. ;o)

    The game overall I would rate 9/10.

    Have fun, and just remember; This is my personal opinion, and I do not mean to offend others if they have other ones. Please do not take this the wrong way!

    Ratings are great!!
    so we might as well dance