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    Hello, all! And welcome to my second review! I realize as I replay the games, I am going a bit out of order, but that’s just my way of keeping things interesting. :) Hope you all enjoy!

    THE PLOT: I thought the plot line for this mystery was pretty decent. Nancy is brought to the lodge because crazy accidents have been happening, causing Chantal to not only lose customers, but receive some bad reputation. So, Nancy is brought in to investigate. While she’s there she becomes the new maid and cook which basically gives her free access to talking to the guests and investigating. Personally, I liked that Nancy took on this “undercover job” to investigate, instead of just showing up like she has in other games. It’s a pretty basic plot, but it is a solid one.

    THE CHARACTERS: For some reason, I got annoyed with most of the characters in this game, but as I’ve said in past reviews, I think it’s pretty cool that animated characters can produce this kind of emotion from me. So depending on how you look at it, the characters in this game can be a negative and/or a positive.
    Chantal we never actually meet, but she is a big part of the game, as she is the owner of the hotel. Chantal talks a lot. I remember when you first have a conversation with her, it goes on and on and on. Now don’t get me wrong, I love talking to characters, but with her it just seemed to be a bit too much. She also forces you to work the infamous Tino Balducci (over the phone) and that just automatically made me like her less :wink1: Towards the end of the game, however, I don’t recall talking with her as much as in the beginning.
    Ollie is basically the handyman around the hotel, but he also runs it when Chantal isn’t there. I have always had an okay opinion on Ollie, just because he’s a hardworking guy who’s trying to do his best. However, he was very aggressive towards killing the wolf, and I really didn’t like that, considering that the wolf hadn’t hurt anyone but that’s just my personal opinion. He’s very passionate about his job, maybe a bit too passionate sometimes, but overall, he was a very interesting character to talk to, and I enjoyed getting information from him throughout the game.
    Freddie is Ollie’s daughter and I just had to include her in this review because I thought she was adorable, especially since she called herself the Snow Princess. I loved how even though we didn’t talk to her a lot throughout investigating, she still played a vital role in giving us those heating packs. She was cute, and I really liked her inclusion in the game.
    Lou is an art graduate student staying at the lodge. He’s reaaaal laid back. Which I think is kind of funny because he spends most of his time with Bill who isn’t that laid back. For some reason he reminds me of what people today would call a hipster. I mean, he said his favorite medium was dirt. But overall, he was a different type of person to talk to, so I didn’t mind him.
    Bill was probably my favorite character. He was kind of peoples’ stereotypical idea of a Canadian, which I think was a bit too forced. However, once you get passed that, I really enjoyed talking to him. He always seemed to have a story behind what he had to say, like when he talked about Nancy shoveling the skating pond, it was because he wanted to try and beat Lou. Small things like that just made me like him a bit more each time I talked to him.
    Guadalupe is a unique individual. She is completely devoted to protecting the wolf, which I can respect (especially since I love animals), however I got the impression that she was such a high maintenance person. I mean she was able to complain about everything one way or another, which is kind of oddly impressive when you think about it
    Yanni was my least favorite character. This man was literally paranoid that people were spying on him 24/7. He was also rude, eccentric, and always wore that funny looking suit. Every time he told you about something in his past, he had to tell you about how hard of a worker he was or how good of a skier he was. I had a hard time deciding between whether I wanted to talk to Yanni or call Tino Balducci..

    THE PUZZLES: I am in two minds about the puzzles. At first, I believe they are not too bad. Shoveling the snow pond made sense to me, and a few of the other puzzles you could get after a strategy and a few guessing clicks (the pyramid puzzle, the coin puzzle to get into the secret tunnels, and the sauna puzzle). There were some puzzles that I absolutely despised. At one point, you have to get Nancy across the lake to get to her jacket and that puzzle just seemed completely random to me. There may be a spoiler for it that I just didn’t find, but it was nearly impossible to have a strategy with it. Luckily, I just randomly clicked and was able to get across. I think the number one problem that drives people away from this game is Fox and Geese. That game is just a pain. At first I didn’t mind it, but then when you have to win in all 3 corners, it just got frustrating. I even used walkthroughs, but there is no specific spoiler since it always changes. It would’ve been a lot better if you only had to win it once, instead of 3 separate times.

    THE SETTING: The setting was wonderful in this game! First off, the lodge seemed so cozy to me. I often wish I could’ve stayed there in real life. I loved how you could explore each room, the lobby, the basement, and behind the front desk. There was also a lot of outside areas to explore too. I think they really excelled with the setting of this game. I can honestly say that I never got bored with exploring.

    THE SNOOPING: There definitely is a lot of snooping in this game. Since Nancy is the maid, you get to snoop in each guests’ room and I enjoyed that. However, I thought the snooping was a bit too easy. I like sneaking around and hiding (and trying not to get caught by someone) whenever I’m snooping. But besides that, there was a good amount of going through people’s things and searching around the lodge.

    THE SCARE FACTOR: There really was no scare factor in this game. The only thing I recall is just a surprise attack from an iceball which made me jump. Other than that, this was a pretty un-scary game, but I’m not complaining.

    THE ENDING: The ending did surprise me. For a while, I was certain that it was one particular character, but I was wrong. I also enjoyed having to chase the culprit down on the snow mobile. This was a pretty solid ending, and I also thought the reasoning for the culprit’s actions was pretty interesting. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the ending.

    THE EXTRAS: At first, I had so much fun cooking in this game! You got to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there was something different for every meal. However, it got super annoying when you had to do it at a specific time. It always got in the way of exploring (but apparently when you’re further in the game you can skip it, and I didn’t know that :wink1: ) I also loved getting to have snowball fights with the awesome Snow Princess. I thought this was so cute, but I felt so bad how Nancy’s snowballs always hit her in the face. I also wish we could’ve went outside when it was dark, but it was too cold. So after dinner there was really nothing left to do except go to sleep. Lastly, I loved how we got to have interaction with the wolf and learn her backstory. I think that might have been my favorite part of the game.

    Overall, this game had such a good setting and lots of snooping, but the puzzles got to be a bit too meticulous and there was always so much talking. I really am in two minds about this game. So for a score, I would rate this game 7/10. It’s a pretty decent game, and frankly, I love all the of the Nancy Drew games. However, this is just one of those that I second guess myself when I say I want to replay it.

    So, I’d be glad to here anyone’s feed back! If there’s anything you think I should improve on, please let me know! Thanks in advance!


    ----> next review: CRY
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    Wonderful review! There were so many things I agreed with you on and that I'm glad you mentioned. I really liked what you said on the characters, and the thing about Lou being kind of a hipster and Lupe being high-maintenance got a laugh out of me.

    I also agree entirely on the puzzles. Yeah, that one with the lake is very random and would've been much better if some strategy was involved and not just pure luck. Sometimes I get through it on my first try, but other times it takes a solid 20-30 minutes. And I'm with you on the fox and geese puzzle, as well. It's very strategic, but it can be very tedious having to play it so many times.

    The part about the snooping is interesting because I'm replaying this game, and I was thinking the same thing. It is a little too easy. I guess that's the idea, but it feels more realistic and more satisfying when there's some kind of urgency to snooping, and making sure you don't get caught. :)

    Overall, I love this review and I agree on a lot things you talked about. I look forward to seeing your upcoming reviews! :D
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      I think there is a walkthrough for getting Nancy across the ice. I remember having to use one when I played the Wii version.
      Yes I do agree with you on the puzzles! I still haven't been able to get past fox and geese on the Wii! I'm even playing for the first time on the computer and am really nervous I'll be stuck on it forever!
      Although I do like doing maid duties and cooking, it does get in the way. Im always like, "Have to come back later and do this caue I don't wanna get in trouble for not getting the meal done!"
      Although this is a good ND game (for how much I've played) I like it, but it does have it's moments where I'm just about done playing for a while.
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        I completely agree with you on Bill, waaaay too much of a stereotypical 'Canadian'. None of us talk like that (I'm Canadian) and I found it a little overboard. Bill was also one of the only Canadian characters if I recall correctly, which was weird. Fox and Geese was also ridiculous. When I first played the game it took me months to finally complete the ending. I don't think I've ever re-played it all the way through, I usually stop before I have to finish Fox & Geese. Very nice review!
        xoxo, Lauren


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          Wow thank you all so much for replying! It really means a lot to me!

          disneygirl12: thank you so much for reading my review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it And yeah with Fox and Geese it is very strategic. I remember my one friend loved that game and solved it so fast, but for me it was just a disaster

          NDsolver<3: Oh my, I guess I should have thought of looking for a walkthrough for that ice puzzle. Most of the time, I just go in there randomly clicking and hoping for the best And I agree completely. I really do enjoy this game, I just get tired of it too. Thanks so much for reading my review!

          iheartjb27: I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that about Bill. It just seemed like it was a bit forced is all. Thank you for reading my review, I appreciate it!


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            This was an excellent review!! I loved the way you described everything. I've had my eye on this game for a while, and your review just sealed the deal for me! I'm not great at puzzles, but everything else you explained makes up for it ten fold. I can't wait to play this game!
            Also played & finished, ICE, CRY. CLK & TRN


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              Oh wow thank you so much! And I'm so glad you are going to play it! You really will enjoy it, and I'm not very good at puzzles either, but there are plenty of walkthroughs and suggestions that will help you if you ever get drastically stuck. I really do hope you enjoy it! And thanks again