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Help with task list, completely stuck

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  • Help with task list, completely stuck

    The only 2 things left on my task list is "keep an eye out when cleaning guests rooms" and "keep and eye out for two pictures for the trapper dan exhibit".

    I just went into all the rooms except Bill's because he had a do not disturb sign up but I found
    nancy's ripped jacket with the note in Guadalupe's room
    . Is there something I am missing?

    Please remember that the title needs to be descriptive and let us know where you are in the game. Unfortunately I couldn't fix yours because you haven't given me anything to work with. Even something like "Stuck after..." and the last thing you did would help.
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    Have you found anything
    on Bill Kessler's nightstand?
    "One True Friend to all who are frightened or lost,
    Whether great or small never factor the cost,
    Catch the tears that fall and melt the frost,
    Leave no bridge uncrossed...….

    One True Friend who'll stay, though all others may run,
    keep the wolves at bay till the battle is won,
    Fill the darkest day with blessed sun,
    If you need someone.
    ...He will be One True Friend"