Nancy Drew's 16th adventure, White Wolf of Icicle Creek is an another snowy adventure for Nancy Drew. Chantel (sp?), a friend of Bet & Ed Rawley from Secret of Shadow Ranch, called Nancy to find out who is troubling the lodge and causing her guests to leave.

♦ The characters were alright. I like chatting with them and I'm not sure how to describe what I think of them without getting spoiled but I would say they are about 8.9/10

♦ The puzzles were somewhat. Some were hard and some were alright (not too easy but not too hard). One puzzle I worked on for five days! That puzzle was my very least part of the game! If you haven't played this game, I'll let you find out what I'm talking about ;) I will give the puzzles 5.3/10

♦ The ending was my favorite ending of all the games! As I was coming to the end, there was a music that became my instant favorite! It's so full of suspense and I would give it 10/10!

♦ I started this game about two years ago and I didn't get to finish because I thought it would be too scary but I started playing after long wait (just a couple days ago) and turned out it's not totally scary (if you don't like to see wolves on the screen...) I would give the whole game 7/10

If you like snowy weather, difficult puzzles and/or animals, then this game is for you :)