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How do you write this *on survey*? (split & edited - hedgie)

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  • How do you write this *on survey*? (split & edited - hedgie)

    How do you write down that
    Lou connects with Planet X?

    A spoiler is revealing the identity or gender of a/the culprit(s); posting direct answers such as phone numbers, passwords, codes, answers to quizzes, game ending details etc. Spoilers must be requested by another user in the Hints and Tips boards and the Case Closed board, and they must be written using the "spoiler code" tags as shown below. You do not need to use spoiler code in Game Discussions boards (except the Case Closed board). Never reveal a culprit's name/gender or a game ending unless you are posting in a Game Discussion board.

    Spoiler code:
    [spoiler]Type Spoiler Here[/spoiler]
    This is how it should look. Click and highlight to reveal the "spoiler".
    Type Spoiler Here
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    You may just write down
    X, you don't need to include the word "Planet"

    Happy 91st Birthday,
    Nancy Drew!

    Nancy Drew was born when The Secret of the Old Clock was published on April 28, 1930!