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    I'm am not understanding how to get the pond shoveled at all.... I understand it changes each time... i am not understanding how to place the cones per the colors??

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    The gauge shows the ice thickness by the color. You have to place the orange safety cone on the dangerously thin ice.
    It's basically a game of minesweeper. If the gauge is a 0, for example, you don't have to place any cones nearby. A 1 level color means that you will place 1 cone on the adjacent tiles, etc.

    I would start off trying to place the cones on around the darkest tile (if it's a 5 level - placing the 5 cones around the tile) and then working my way down. It's pretty fun once you get the hang of it! Good luck

    and the biggest tip I can give: save often during the shoveling!!
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      As far as I know there are only two versions of the puzzle so it doesn't change too much:)
      As for the cones, you don't put them on any colors that don't have cracks, if there are darker colors it means there's probably ice that will crack around it. Put cones where you suspect there might be a crack, start at the sides and work your way through from there.
      Hope this helps!
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