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    Alright, I have scoured this forum trying to figure out how to find the Geiger Counter and know where it is supposed to be (under the green cot) but it is NOT there. Looking at the cot right now I see rocks, what looks like a broken table leg on top, and a cross beam with part of an end under the cot. I have the little red geophone and called the number. Is there something that needs to happen for it to appear? I have the moose and raccoon tokens but have not worked the tunnels yet. My task list says to keep looking for the two pictures, decode TDan's journal (already done), and to call all the accident victims (two answered, the third is busy signal).
    Help please!


    please disregard my initial post.
    Looking straight at the cot, the geiger counter is not visible, but zooming in on the floor at a different angle- that is where the counter is.
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