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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    I gave this a 5 because yeah, it was an "okay" game and the characters were good but the plot was it was all thrown together and there were too many puzzles in it. I wanted more snooping around and talking like in the previous games.
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      I haven't played every ND game, but I've played most and this was least favorite. I didn't think there was enough room to move around at all. Nancy was pretty limited in where she could go and that was frustrating; the tunnels didn't really provide that fun of a journey in my opinion. After finishing TMB I am seriously doubting that Her is making quality ND games anymore. Maybe because I'm older now but I've been playing these since elementary school but they just seemed so much more complex in their story, conclusion and physical space you work with. Like come on, where is the likes of Ghost Dogs, Royal Tower and Blackmoor Manor?! Those were some great games. Anyhoo, I'm gunna try again and play another one cause I'm a sucka for ND games. Hopefully it will be better than TMB.


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        I really wasn't impressed with this game at all. I felt that it had too many puzzles and many of the puzzles were extremely complicated. While the game wasn't horrible it didn't really capture my attention and it took me longer then it usually takes to solve one of these games. I'm disappointed because the Egyptian concept is one that could've been done really well and I think the story just kind of fell flat. I think it's worth playing but definitely not one of the best.


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          I gave this game a 6. it was ok I guess
          I didn't like it how there wasn't really any places to
          go besides the tomb site and the camp area.
          I also thought that the puzzles were pretty hard
          and the ending could have been a lot better.
          I did like the characters and the plot was also pretty good!!
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            Just finished (finally). I'm torn - I loved the puzzles, the exploring and the snooping. Complex, but not too difficult - good hints in game for all the puzzles, without being too obvious (well, most of the time).

            Character interactions are good, and phone friends are better than average. Location seems a bit cramped, but as the game progresses, you are able to explore a little more territory.

            My one big complaint, and the reason for a slightly lower vote: The chronology was way off for me. I had many conversations before I found out the information that should have prompted those conversations. As such, I still don't understand the motivations of the perpetrator(s). This made the game feel very fractured and, at times, a bit nonsensical. I wonder if this changes if you complete tasks in a certain order. Either way, it feels like HER did not quite complete the testing of the logical flow of this game in all circumstances.

            With that major drawback, I voted 8. Played on Master.


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              My review

              I liked the game, the setting was nice and i got to learn a lot about Ancient Egypt. But as a critic, a i have to say: what's up with the phone conversations? Certain conversations with a 'certain' character take hours! I like that the creators have taken the time to make 'jolly' characters, but sometimes, i was really like 'okay, get to the point!'. But overall, great game!


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                This game was by far not one of my favorites. Although not my least favorite either. It was pretty interesting, the characters were probably one of the better parts. I may be a little biased as ancient Egypt is not one of my favorite subjects, but it seemed a little boring and knowledge based to me. Overall, not a bad game though.


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                  Honestly ... Awesome game with awesome scenes
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                    I loved the game it was just so short to me.