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    ïṉτɾّḋυсτïّṉ: After ASH, rumors were flying that TMB would be the greatest Nancy Drew adventure game ever created: with an early May release date and attention grabbing promises such as “Carefully Choose Your Words! How you ask questions may uncover surprising answers” and “Discover Egyptology! Play games and learn about early Egyptian life as you explore” the game held a significant amount of promise. Some players believed it would be like the classic, Secret of the Scarlet Hand, with rich history. Nancy’s travelling again, to aid a university dig site in Egypt. Strange accidents begin to happen. Does Tomb of the Lost Queen live up to its intriguing plot summary? Read on!

    ρlّτ: Nancy joins a university dig team shortly after some astounding discoveries have been made in relation to a lost queen of Egypt. However, accidents plague them the entire time, and the whole team runs into one difficulty after another while conducting their research and exploration.

    To me, the plot of this game made no sense at all. Though I didn’t mind the new interface (I’ll talk about that more later) there was no introduction to this game. The older games had the letters. The games after that had the Case File. This game just sort of threw you into the mystery, which is not a bad thing, but it took me awhile to understand what was going on...

    And by that, I mean, as to why Nancy was there. The whole plot after that seemed incoherent, inconsistent- there were little pieces that were never explained all throughout the game. While your main goal is quite clear, little red herrings are rampant. And oh, that main goal I’m talking about? Despite the red herrings, it is the only plot line. There are no subplots in this game, or at least ones big enough to mention.
    Don’t even get me started about the ending. I still have no clue what even went down. I finished this game—but the game itself made me feel as if I hadn’t completed it.
    Overall, it was a nice idea, maybe a little bit clichéd—but poorly executed.


    ατṃّṡρhεɾε: The atmosphere was fine, the music fit, the graphics were very, very nice, with the exception of the characters looking a little more cartoony than their surroundings. Nothing that particularly stood out. The new interface looked amazing, sleek and smooth, and it was so easy to use.

    lεṉģτh: I really don’t understand how a game about an Egyptian curse could be so terribly short. As an older player, who is okay at puzzles (I’m no puzzle wizard, and had to get a couple hints) this game only took me about 5 hours to complete. That’s probably because there wasn’t much more to the plot than Nancy’s main goal.

    сhαɾαсτεɾṡ: At times, I literally walked away from my computer while talking to the characters. Just walked away. The very first time playing it. Never done that before...

    αвḋυllαh вαќhّυṃ: The leader of the dig site, apparently a well-known and esteemed Egyptologist. Stereotypical narcissist. After doing research on narcissists for a paper awhile back, his character irked me to a very high degree. Real narcissists don’t just call everyone else stupid and themselves the best. They are manipulative, are highly entitled, and often charming. I guess the ND series isn’t known for profound character development, but I was less than impressed. He was just…boring to me. Whenever I talked to him, I couldn’t stay interested.

    lïl? сɾεώε: I was sort of lost when it came to Lily and her personality. She’s an Egyptology Ph. D student, who apparently really looks up to Abdullah and is slightly afraid of him. She respects his power and authority and will do whatever he says, not wanting to disappoint him…yet…she seems to want power too…? And she’s afraid of curses…but…that’s never really elaborated on or explained…

    јαṃïlα εl-ḋïṉε: Quite possibly the only nicely well-rounded character in the game, Jamila is a quirky local who rambles on about aliens. She was entertaining and better developed than the other characters, but still not enough that I could truly appreciate what she brought to the game.

    ḋ?lαṉ сαɾτεɾ: He’s a British tour guide that just sort of lurks around the dig site. He was fine…you had some interesting conversations with him…okay, just a couple lines of interesting dialogue. His personality isn’t really out there or anything. He’s friendly? He has his moments, and secrets. But nothing rave worthy.

    јّṉ вّ?lε: The leader of the dig, a phone friend who asks you to find out what’s behind the accidents at the site. He knows his history.

    ρɾّƒεṡṡّɾ hّτсhќïṡṡ: If you haven’t played TRT, please, I’m begging you, go play that game before TMB. Because I assure you Hotchkiss in all her glory is so much better than the Hotchkiss you talk to on the phone with in TMB.

    Overall, there wasn’t much development. Some characters had secrets, but they were all given to you at once on a silver platter. They had little real-feeling emotions (except Jamila, at times) and their relationships with one another were hard to pinpoint due to sporadic events that only made their dynamics more confusing… like, how were Jamila and Dylan even there? It’s a Kingston University dig site…you can’t just go traipsing around…ugh. So much frustration due to all the loose ends and lack of development.

    ρυʐʐlεṡ: They were repetitive. Honestly, some of them I couldn’t solve because I couldn’t correlate them to anything needed to solve them—I’d look up a spoiler and be like…”I never would have thought to use this to solve this!” A lot of times they didn’t make sense. I’m not a huge puzzle fan, and I’ll admit I don’t have the highest patience level. A few were fun to solve, though.

    ṉαṿïģατïّṉ: Getting around was easy. Too bad there was hardly anywhere to explore because the environment was so small. And you couldn’t click on anything besides the things you needed.

    ṡṉّّρïṉģ: Let’s just say it wasn’t traditional. It was more like the instant gratification kind of snooping found in CAP and ASH. There’s no effort involved to remove someone from their post, and that bothers me.

    εṿεṉτṡ//ṡυṡρεṉṡε: You’d think a game revolving around a curse would contain tons of suspense right? Wrong. The curse aspect is not prevalent in the game, I’m afraid. Neither is a suspense or scare factor. There are a few moments when you’re excited to find out what happens next, but nothing made my stomach drop or my heart pound.

    ṡсّɾε: 25/80

    Grade: F

    Alright, I know my reviews of recent games have been getting more and more negative—but I’m not being negative, or a downer, or complaining just for the sake of it. This is my honest evaluation of the game. It’s truly how I feel about the game and what I took away from it.

    I’m not expecting profound plot/character development, but if you want to play a game that is more satisfying in this realm,

    I suggest CAR, TRT, or CUR.

    If you love suspense, try out SAW, MHM, FIN, and CRY.

    If you want some quality snooping, consider playing DDI or TRT.

    Subplots your thing? Get DDI, DAN or SHA.

    Basically you can’t go wrong with DDI or SHA or TRT.

    But…this game…you can take a pass on. Unless you’ve been a fan since the beginning and want to complete all the games…it’s not anything special.

    Please note this is also from the perspective of an “older” veteran player who has been playing since the beginning.

    Also, I’m studying/a huge fan of creative writing, which is a point I tend to be very critical on. I have nothing against HER and I’m actually very excited for the upcoming release of game #27! To me, it seems to hold more promise than this game ever did. Thanks for reading and your respect of my opinion!

    Happy sleuthing~

    Oh and side note: This --> “Carefully Choose Your Words! How you ask questions may uncover surprising answers” never really amounts to much. I mindlessly clicked through all the dialogue in TMB and gauged no different emotional reactions from any of the characters. I’d really like to see this element actually take place in a game, but in case you were wondering, in TMB- doesn’t happen.
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    Very thorough review! I agree with what you've said. I really miss the proper snooping, too. It's too easy to be able to get rid of people with one line of dialogue! Does anyone else wish we could have explored the tomb at night? Nancy solved the case in less than a day. I think that made the game feel even shorter.
    I'm really holding out hope that #27 is worth it!
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      Thanks so much for taking the time to give a detailed review of TMB. I agree with you about the "instant gratification" snooping and the lack of suspense. Also you make a very good point about the "choose your words carefully" concept. I couldn't see that choice of response made any difference, either. ~Jas
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        Great review! I haven't completed the game yet, but so far, I agree with how it isn't quite what it was believed to be. Thank you for writing this review! Reps and stars!
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