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Tomb of the Lost Queen - Review by felicity18

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  • Tomb of the Lost Queen - Review by felicity18

    This game is really fun and interesting. I really like that it takes place in Egypt. The characters in this game were very different and unique and from one another.

    Lily is an interesting character. She believes in the curse and is very superstitious. What I find strange is that we never see her do any work on the dig site. Jamila is my favorite character in the game. At first she says that she's an alien follower and then she reveals who she really is later in the game. I really like Jamila because she's interesting and a very layered character. Dylan is a tour guide and besides that we don't know an awful lot about him. He was an interesting guy but I feel like we didn't really get to know him as much as I would of liked. Abdullah is an arrogant archeologist. He's very self-centered and full of himself. He's tedious to talk to after a while after you play this game several times.

    This is a really fun game and you get to learn about the Queen of Egypt and Ancient Egypt in general. That character I liked the most in this game was Jamila. She was also fun to talk to.

    I especially enjoyed all of the puzzles in this game. The new graphics and interface in this game are amazing. The only thing I don't like about this new interface, is how the magnifying glass turns while instead of red when it goes over something important. All in all this game is great and really fun to play.

    So I give Tomb of the Lost Queen an 8 out of 10.