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    My first comment has to be about the excellent graphics in this game. It's cool to play old games and see how far the graphic designers have come.
    I liked that once again, Sonny Joon was mentioned frequently and wonder if he plays a large role in the end because he has been brought up since SSH.
    As for the plot, I found it fairly boring. Nothing made me jump or had me longing for the game to last forever. I found the game fairly difficult. I get great pleasure out of solving games without needing hints, but I found myself spending more time in the Hints section than actually playing this game.
    The characters were fairly boring except for Jamila.
    The hieroglyphs got to be excessive and I just started using the Auto-Translate button. Due to the ancient writing, I struggled with solving things because of the way it was worded.
    Overall, I'm glad it's over.
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