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    ........Tomb of the Lost Queen Review by Gina
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    Plot - 2/5 stars

    At the beginning of the game, I was thoroughly confused as to why Nancy was on the site of the dig. The introduction was action-packed, but no backstory was given. As the game progressed, gamers piece together clues from letters and conversations about Nancy’s purpose for being on the dig and her mission becomes slightly more clear. I found the plot came together very slowly, as the game focused on puzzles and researching historical information rather than getting to know the characters and their possible motives. EDIT: When I began to replay this game, I realized when I wrote this review, I missed a line in a phone conversation that explained Nancy was at the dig to shadow the professor in charge. Knowing this makes it clearer Nancy's "mission" is to discover whose tomb is on the site and makes the subsequent puzzles more relevant to the case.

    Spookiness - 1/5 stars

    Given the setting of an Egyptian tomb with dark, winding passages, there was plenty of potential for scary scenes that would make gamers jump out of their seats! However, none of those scenes exist in this game. No worries about getting scared out of your skin, or that a younger sibling will be spooked by eerie noises or sudden surprises.

    Characters - 2/5 stars

    There are four characters on the dig with Nancy: Jamila, Dylan, Abdullah, and Lily, plus two phone characters outside of Bess. Nancy’s conversations with them are minimal, and we go through the game without learning much about any of them until very close to the end, when suddenly many of my nagging questions about them were answered. Again the shorter, minimal conversations left me trying to figure out why each person was on the dig and how the characters related to each other.

    Graphics - 5/5 stars

    The graphics in this game are excellent - fans of ancient Egypt will be in heaven exploring the large tomb with its passages and chambers. It is beautifully designed and true to the actual tomb of the queen it is modeled after.

    Puzzles - 4/5 stars

    If you’re a puzzle lover, this game is right up your alley! There are many puzzles - at times the game felt like Nancy was just moving from one puzzle to the next with little action in between. These puzzles take up more game time than mystery solving, which can be good or bad, depending on what you enjoy more. I recently played on Amateur level, so the puzzles were, for the most part, manageable and I never got stuck on one for hours (as can happen in other games). I will be replaying on the more advanced level next time to compare difficulty.

    History - 5/5 stars

    There is a decent amount of historical reading, education, and consulting with experts required in order to solve the puzzles in this game. We learn about Egypt’s rulers and their relationships to each other, how to translate hieroglyphics, and how the mummification process works, among other things. Book lovers will enjoy browsing multiple volumes, but only a few pages are accessible in each.

    Ending/Culprit - 3/5 stars

    The culprit was a big surprise to me. I expected more clues to help me make up my mind on the culprit before the ending, but I did not see a definite clue that made him/her stand out from the other suspects. That said, it’s good to be surprised sometimes, and it’s definitely better than knowing exactly who did it hours before solving the game!

    Miscellaneous notes:

    I played this game on my Mac via digital download, and the opening scene and phone call had several audio glitches where Nancy’s voice either did not match her dialogue written in the text box, or she simply said “Stub” and her audio was completely skipped. I was afraid this would continue, but it only happened a handful of times throughout the game.

    Overall rating: 3/5 stars (average from all the categories above)
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