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    Trail of the Twister
    A review by Songlily

    Senior Detective

    Plot & Ending
    You as Nancy Drew join forces with a team of stormchasers to track down
    whoever has been sabotaging the team's equipment [and you track down some
    tornadoes along the way]. The plot is fresh; a nice change of pace from
    treasure-hunting, and the ending was wonderful! Every time you think the game
    might be over, there is something else that needs doing, and it's all suspenseful.
    That's the kind of ending I like!

    Mystery & Suspense
    The mystery aspect of this game is in untangling the various plots and conspiracies
    that are tying the team in knots, rather than in finding a treasure or unmasking
    a perpetrator. That's not usually what we expect from a Nancy Drew game,
    but it's an equally valid kind of mystery. So while you may feel as though you're not
    working towards a specific conclusion, working on the puzzles and chores allows the
    mystery to begin unraveling around you. And the game does have some suspense,
    as might be expected when thunderstorms are raging full force, but the suspense
    is not mystery-related as much as weather-related.

    Setting, Graphics, & Music
    The setting is rural Oklahoma, with a few different locations to visit but not
    really very much ground to cover. But it was nice not to be stuck inside a house.
    Location graphics are great; character graphics seem to be getting
    progressively worse. A little distracting, but did not detract too much from
    my playing experience. And the soundtrack certainly enhances
    the experience: definitely some of the best music we've had in a game for awhile.

    Time, Transportation, & Gameplay
    Time passes from day to day, with things you need to accomplish within
    each day before heading to bed. But generally, you know exactly what you
    should be doing. I didn't find myself wandering around aimlessly too often,
    waiting for something to happen. If I did everything I was supposed to,
    something usually DID happen. Very pleased with this pacing, though it did
    make the game go by too quickly! Transportation was very similar to that
    in CLK [manual driving], but there was the added challenge of oncoming traffic.
    It was a little difficult to control the car, but I liked being able to drive to the
    locations rather than magically appear from place to place. Driving was also the
    only instance of third-person gameplay [thank goodness!].

    Characters & Phone Friends
    The characters have distinct personalities, and it seems like they all have
    something to hide. I enjoyed digging into their proverbial closets searching
    for skeletons, and overall I felt the interactions have improved over recent games
    [more like WAC than VEN, for example]. Phone friends are Frank and Joe,
    who are amusing as usual, and P.G. Krolmeister, who may just be my
    new favorite character.

    Exploring & Snooping
    There's a decent amount of clicking and exploring in this game; though there
    are not wide areas to cover, there are many little nooks and crannies to click on,
    some of which have no significance [which I prefer over only being able to
    click on important things]. My inventory was never very full, though, and while
    I had no trouble finding the object I wanted, it was a bit discomfiting not
    to be lugging around a satchelful of mysterious keys and notes and
    crowbars and the like. The lack of things to find was a little disappointing.
    On the snooping front, there is some snooping, but not a lot, and none of the
    snooping is suspenseful. But there is some eavesdropping to shake things up a bit :)

    Puzzles, Games & Activities
    TOT is puzzle-heavy, though I felt the mix of puzzles was more balanced
    than that in RAN. There were a few toughies, but every puzzle was fairly
    self-explanatory, unlike some of the puzzles in RAN. There was one primary
    mini-game, but most of the activities in TOT take the form of puzzles or simple
    chores [which themselves were more like puzzles]. It's a lot, but it keeps you
    busy. And while the puzzles don't necessarily relate to the mystery as much,
    they do seem related to the plot as a whole [unlike many of the activities in
    HAU, which seem disjointed altogether].

    In sum, I liked this game more than I expected to, given other people's reactions.
    It is puzzle-heavy, so if that's not your thing, then TOT might not be the
    game for you. In the learning department, you will find quite a bit about weather
    and tornadoes in this game, as well as a bit of Oklahoma history. Unfortunately,
    it's a little shorter than I'd like, and that's the main reason I've been debating
    over my final numeric grade. But the time, short as it was, was well-spent.
    I was never bored, and there's something to be said for that. So while it might not
    be "classic" Nancy Drew, it's a good--and different--edition to the ND shelf.

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    Awesome Review!
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