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Severe disappointment from a fan of the "Second Chance" option

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  • Severe disappointment from a fan of the "Second Chance" option

    This mades me really, really sad to actually have to say this, but I've never thought, "Oh, I'm really happy to check 'finishing that game' off my mental 'to do' list." When I think Nancy Drew games, I should be able to occupy myself with a game for days - NOT 5 hours and be finished with it.

    I love love love these games, and have been playing since day one. Compared to recently released games however, I would have to say that TOT is just overall more ... stale. What made me so sad was that this game had SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

    Loved the music, loved the setting - but if HER doesn't have the time to actually sit down and develop a decent plot-line for their characters (like in TOT) they might as well have made the game a Dossier instead of writing chore after chore after chore after chore - oh, and did I mention chores?

    This brings me to the subject title of my mini "review." I seriously kept telling myself that after I do the five-millionth chore for the day and drive that stupid red truck around without a GPS for at least half of the game, I'll get some sleuthing time in. NOPE. Very minimal sleuthing, and I never actually found a way for Nancy to "die" in the game by sleuthing or being "caught" by someone on the storm team. Sigh. If Nancy was done with her chores, Debbie would simply say, "Let's hit the sack, Nancy" or in other words (THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO TODAY). Now, how is she supposed to have enough convincing evidence at the end of oh, I don't know, day five of this game if she just goes to bed after her chores are finished? SAD.

    Really wouldn't recommend. Maybe for a beginner Nancy Drew player that needs to get accustomed to gameplay and controls without a scare factor or timed puzzles.
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