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  • GoNancyDrew
    I agree with you. This is my least favorite also. I didn't find myself excited while playing this game. I was more of trying to hurry and pass it. I've only played it once. Usually, I like to play the games over but I didn't do it with this one. Good review!

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  • KateMarie999
    started a topic Katie's TOT Review

    Katie's TOT Review

    When this game first came out, my best friend and I sat down to play it together. She loves puzzle games but I tend to prefer more plot driven games. However, TOT wasn't keeping our attention. At all.

    Instead of just going on about the positive and negative aspects as I usually do, I'll just say that if you really like puzzles, you'll like this game. But if you're like me and got really annoyed when characters give you a bunch of chores, you're going to HATE this game. Because that's all it is. It's chores, chores, chores. Minimal snooping and almost no real mystery.

    The characters weren't all that interesting and the culprit wasn't even that scary when s/he revealed him/herself. Comparing this to classics like FIN or even the newest game to date, DED, this game falls short. There's no atmosphere and a lot of it feels like work instead of play, and that's ultimately what a game is, fun. This wasn't fun, at least not to me.

    This is the only game where my best friend and I, who have a tradition of playing these games together as soon as they come out, lost interest to the extent that we just talked to each other while beating the game, not bothering to figure out the puzzles on our own but looking on the internet for quick solutions to them all. We even started talking in accents to keep each other entertained while we slaved away at this game.

    This is my least favorite game in the series. I just finished doing a very positive review for FIN and for DED so you all can see that I really do enjoy these games quite a bit but this one sort of sucked me dry. I can't really think of anything I enjoyed about it and even though I still have it on my computer, I don't plan on ever playing it again. I might as well just uninstall it to make room for the newest game, which I am optimistic about!

    Or maybe I just don't think tornadoes are exciting. That could be it too.