A team of Tornado Chaser's equipment keeps breaking down. Some think it's just a streak of bad luck but the main idea is sabotage! P.G. Krolmister hired Nancy Drew to go undercover to see who has been sabotaging their equipment and why...

Scott is the head of the chase team. He has quite a temper and nobody on the team likes him that much. Scott doesn't like chocolate or cheese (just if you'd like to know). Scott also teaches a class in a college to children who want to become chasers but no one seems as interested as they used to be.

Debby is the project manager of the troop. She is more kind to Nancy then Scott. Debby is a very determined lady and will do anything to catch that footage! She is also helping with the town production at the Grange Theater. Debby gives all her effort and tries to make Nancy part of the team from the start. Debby cares about the safety of the townspeople and is very passionate about her work. She was a student of Scott when she was training to become a chaser.

Chase is the mechanic of the team. He is not a chaser but is a big part of the team. Chase fixes things that get broken, so he has a lot to do lately. He is very talented at fixing things, making him a one of a kind mechanic. He is one of those people who doesn't think there is someone sabotaging the equipment. He thinks things "just break".

Toby, better known as "Frosty", is the team photographer. Frosty is a well known fellow and is fond on Nancy. However, he is not fond of mice. Frosty's "office" is in the basement of the team HQ. He is a media sort of guy but strives for a bigger salary so he can become famous and rich for his dream car.

Pa is a man that runs Ma and Pa's General store. Ma is a sore subject to Pa. Pa, like Debby, is into theater. He is in the Town performance. Pa likes Nancy a lot. Pa's main costumer is the Chase team. Pa is an elderly old man who is probably the best character ever!

The Puzzles in this game are normally very simple and easy. while some, like the T.V. and File Cabinet puzzle, are more challenging but not impossible. My favorite is the prairie dog puzzle or the mouse trap puzzle.

The ending was very interesting and had me wanting to know what happened next. The big chase sequence between you and the culprit is hard but not as hard as other final scenes.

Overall, I give this game an 8 only because it was kind of predictable and short. it was fun though and I continually play it from time to time. Though it's not my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, it was awesome none the less.

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