Before I bought this game, I read a bunch of user reviews of it. Most people seemed to be disappointed, but then there were a few others who said that they'd expected the game to be bad because of the negativity around it, but that it ended up being okay or good. This gave me the hope that maybe everyone was being too harsh on it and that I'd like it. I decided to not listen to the majority and bought the game. This was a big mistake!

My biggest problems with the game:

1) The puzzles. First of all, I don't know why HerInteractive thought it'd be fun to make players play a bunch of puzzles to complete chores. Here's a tip: if you're making Nancy do something extremely boring that most people would hate to do, chances are players are going to be bored as well, considering we're Nancy. Just because you turn a chore into a puzzle doesn't make it any more entertaining. It would be different if I had felt that these puzzles would advance the mystery and give me new information (like opening a puzzle box containing secret items), but most of these puzzles were just tedious tasks that Nancy needed to do because she was an intern. Every time I wanted to do some detective work, there were like three boring chores in the way.

Honestly, all of these puzzles made me forget what the "mystery" was in the first place because there was so little focus on it.

Another annoying thing about the puzzles was that there was little to no instruction for the majority of them. I felt like it was harder to figure out how the heck each puzzle worked than to actually solve them.

The story. It was simply not that interesting. I do think that the science behind tornadoes and weather in general is interesting, but HerInteractive spent so little time with the drama and characters aspect of this game that I didn't care at all. It's almost like HI decided to slap together a bunch of puzzles and insert a little "event" related to the mystery every now and them. It should be the other way around! I'm not interested in fixing antennas, catching mice, getting a TV to work, or fixing circuit boards! I want to figure out who is sabotaging the team and why.

The setting. I don't like it when these games have small, limited settings. There was barely anywhere to go, and nowhere to explore, even for fun. I kept trying to open the door on the side of the barn, which for whatever reason we're able to push but never fully open. Also, since most of the time the only reason I ever went anywhere was to complete a chore, I didn't really care about what was where.