An EKG review of TOT

So overall I rate this game 7/10
because it is fun, but probably not HeR's best game.

Scott Varnell-7/10
fun to talk to, but not extremely interesting.
Debbie Kircum-7/10
ok to talk to, kind of a boring character
Chase Relerford-7/10
pretty fun to talk to
Frosty Harlow-8/10
most fun to talk to
fun to talk to

overall the puzzles are pretty hard but pretty easy
so if you're new to Nancy Drew I would leave it up to you to decide if you want to play it first.

You as Nancy Drew go undercover as Krolmiester's niece and try and figure out who is messing up all the equipment and injuring some of the tornado chasers while chasing some of them yourself. And try to figure out, which is more dangerous mother nature, or human nature!

I searously hated the ending, I can't say much more other wise it would be a spoiler...but very disappointed at the ending... :(

Overall I still recommend this game but wouldn't say it's extremely fun.