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My review of Tornado Alley

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  • My review of Tornado Alley

    Okay, I haven't played many ND games where I finished. This is one of the few that I actually was able to finish and within 3 days. It was really short.

    The characters were alright. I particularly liked Frosty. He made me laugh. There were 5 characters all together. You had Frosty (of course) who went around video taping the storms. Then there was Debbie and Scott, who was part of the storm chasing team. Also, had Chase, who was in garage most of the times working on vehicles and Pa who owned the store.

    The puzzles were somewhat easy. Not really much to do. At Pa's store, you can buy candy and play games as well. It was fun but some of the games like the jackalope just did NOT made much sense.

    I would have thought it would have been a bit more scarier, but it wasn't that scary at all. Just once, when you go to bed, a tornado hit and wakes you up in middle of night. That was the only scary factor of it.

    The one part I did like was, one of the tasks you had to do, was relocating prairie dogs. They were really so cute to watch. And, you had to catch mice 3 times and free them to a safer place. There was once when Frosty screamed like a girl because a mouse ran across his keyboard and I thought that was hilarious. They were adorable as well for anyone who is an animal lover, like myself.

    The culprit was really predictable. I pretty much knew right off the bat who it was. The ending though, I did not care for. It was like the culprit just gave up without a fight. I like to have more of a fight when catching who it is.

    All in all, scale of 1-10, I will give this game a 6. I like the jump out of your seat scary moments that this game lacked. The characters were very dull except Frosty and Pa who were my favorites. But that was about it. I did like the fact that you do learn lots about tornadoes, even taking a tornado quiz on computer. So if you like to learn new things, then give it a shot if you are the type that doesn't like scary games then this one will fit right in.

    Thanks for reading my review. I welcome all comments.
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