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Trail of the Twister - Review by felicity18

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  • Trail of the Twister - Review by felicity18

    This game is all about Nancy joining a tornado storm chasing team. I really like the premise of the game but the execution of the game wasn't what I expected. The characters in this game were really boring and mostly one sided.

    Scott the leader of the storm chasing team always seems to be angry. He was also grumpy and a one sided character. Debbie is passionate about her work and I really like that about her. I thought Debbie was a bit boring because there are no layers to her. Chase was a nice guy and a typical country boy but lacked depth. I find him a very ordinary unremarkable character. Toby also known as Frosty is your typical fame hungry kind of guy and he's not a very interesting character. Pa is the guy who runs the General Store and he's not very interesting either. He's just too simple and ordinary.

    This game is pretty mediocre and average. There is a lack of puzzles, dimension and complexity in this game. I didn't like the mouse trap puzzle and manoeuvering the car and keeping it on the road was difficult. This part was very annoying. This game could of been so much better but it just didn't get there. It wasn't exciting enough.

    Our phone contacts were the Hardy Boys. They really helped make the game much more enjoyable. All in all this is a good game but not great.

    So I give Trail of the Twister a 5 out of 10
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